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       [+]           Hacking Compuserve Infomation Service

       [+]                      ReVision 1.1

       [+]                    By Shadow Lord, Esq.


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    Compuserve is a multiuser networked Pay by Hour service. But
    this can be beat. At current rates, CIS (Compuserve) charges $6.50 for
300 baud
    and $12.75 for 1200/2400 baud, 9600 can only be accessed by
Hardwired clients. Thus you see the need for this file. At the time
this was  written, all information in this file was correct. Enough of
this, on to the file.

    Logging on to Compuserve
    In order to create a Ziff Account on CompuServe you need ...
     1) A Telenet, Tymnet, Or CIS Port
     2) A Credit Card
     3) Above the IQ of a houseplant

    That is all you need, I know for some of you the 3rd one is
tough, but try. Ok, you have all this, call your local port, logon to
CIS, then  you should get a [User ID:] Prompt, type [177000,5000], this
is the Ziff PCMagnet User Id. Now, if you entered it correctly, then you
should get  the [Password:] Prompt, at This type [Pc*Magnet]. You will
next be givena Welcome Message, then, you will get yet another Prompt. It
should ask you for your Agreement Number, type [Z10D8810]. That is the
end of the prompts. Here's where the IQ of above a houseplant comes into
play.You now have to think. It will ask you various questions,
ranging from your country to your Social Security number. Answer them
however you  want, but I wouldn't use your real info. If you want the
second password (Needed to access some things), you will have to give an
address where  you can drop by and pick it up. Some ideas are sending to
your neighbors,but use your last name, it will end up at your house. That
isn't the safest thing. Or you can rent a Post Office box for about 6
months. Once you have done all this, and answer the questions, and
read the propoganda, you will see [Entering PCMagnet]. You are done.

    So what do I do Now?
    Ok, if you get this far, you have the IQ of above your fern.
You can  go one of two places, CIS or PCMagnet (Where you are now).
You can stay in PCMagnet, but there isn't much there. So, I would
type [Go Cis] This will bring you to Compuserve. Once on CIS, you can do
many thing, ranging from downloading files, to real time chat on forums
to online games.

    Project Numbers
    Some times I will refer to the word Project Number, that is
the same thing as a User ID. Excluding the digits after the comma. If
you see an ID that is [72311,27] then the that  User ID's Project
Number is[72311]. Simple Eh?

    [70000,xxx] - Security Personel or Important Employes
    [70003,xxx] - Complementary Account
    [70004,xxx] - CompuServe Employe
    [70005,xxx] - Radio Shack *Demo* Account. (R Flagged)
    [70006,xxx] - Normal Compuserve Employe (Sometimes Wizards)
    [70007,xxx] - Complementary Account

    [70000,753] - Dan'l, Ghost, or Dan Piskur
    [70006,522] - LooLoo, Myrtl, or Patrica Phelps

    The [70000] Projects are very interesting accounts, they have
very high powered Flags. (Incedently, a Flag is an option set on
the user account) These accounts have the capability to 'Hang you up'
from the system. These are the only such account that can do so.
But as you will see, they can make things very difficult without
hanging you up. A non [70000] project can get you 'Hung up', they
have to  call Customer Service and tell them to Initilize your Port.
Thus hanging you up. But only the [70000] project can suspend your
account. The main person to look out for is [70000,753 - Dan Piskur]
he is   the Head of Security. His job is to find you and suspend your
account. He does not hesitate to do this.

    The [70006] is also another intersting Project. These
accounts are USUALLY 'Wizards' (A Wizard is a user with very high access
Flags) That does not mean all [70006,xxx] are Wizards, but most are.
So  if you see the ID [70006,522] that is a very high accessed
Wizard, she usually uses the name [*LooLoo*] she has Sysop Flags on
all forums, where most Sysops only have it on their specific
forum. She also has the job of finding you , but she must report to
Dan'l to get you suspended. But don't take her for granted, she has
the C Flag, she can stop you from talking, you can function
normally,but you can not talk in whatever Confrence Area she has
/gag'ed you on. (/gag is the Command to stop you from talking) She then
reports the User ID to Dan'l. He suspends you. Case Closed.

    Invisable Sysops
    Sysops with the C Flag can make them selves invisable while
in Confrence. But this has one bug in it. If you do a [/ust]
while in Confrence, the Inviso sysop will not appear, but if you
exit [/ex] and do a [ust] at the ! Prompt, they will appear.
Another way is to count the members it say are in CO at the Forum Top
    menu [4. Confrencing (9 Participating)] and you go into CO,
and do a ust, count the people, in all channels and Tlk, if there
is  an Inviso, there will be one less person when you count the
Ust.Maybe more if there are more Inviso's.


    Flags     : Specific Options on your account.
    -C Flag   : Specific Account Option - Gives the use of the
                /wi commands at CO. (Syntax [/wi ?])
    Free Flag : Specific Account Option - Makes time in a
                forum free. (Ususally 70003 and 70007)
    -L Flag   : Specific Account Option - Locks a your account
                out of a forum.
    -R Flag   : Specific Account Option - Read Only, means that
                the account can not write to the system, read
                and download only. (See also Radio Shack Demo)
    Gag'ed    : An account flag, if you have this flag, you can
                not speak while you are in CO or CB. You can not
                be seen in the User Listing, except by yourself.
                A quick test for this flags is Paging yourself.
                If you are gag'ed, there are three ways of
                rid of this flag, but you have no control over
                 - 1 - Have the Sysop who gag'ed you ungag you.
                       Only the sysop who gag'ed you can Ungag
                 - 2 - Wait till 5am, when the system resets and
                       it will clear the flag. (Useful only on
                 - 3 - The best. When everyone leaves the CO you
                       were in, your flag will automaticly clear.
                [Note. When you are gag'ed, you are only gag'ed
                       in that specific Forum/Co]
    Inviso    : When a Sysop is Invisable to all others, but
                sysops. (See also Invisable Sysops)
    Project No: The Prefix of the User ID is sometimes called
                a Project Number.
    Wizard    : An Account with capabilites of incredible
                [Usually 70000 or 70006] (Not always)

    Some of this information was taken from a Phrack File, but
98% of it is mine. So please keep it as it is. I would like to thank
the following people for help.
    Rigor Mortis  : For his help with Compuserve when I started
    Matt E.       : (A CIS Forum Sysop) for his explaination of
                    project numbers, and security flags.

    P-80 Systems   - [304/744-2253]
    RipCo          - [312/528-5020]