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                     P R E S E N T
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         _\\\  Hacking PC-Pursuit Codes  _\\\
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OK, people... This is going to be all you need to know about
PC-Pursuit and how to use it to the fullest extent without
paying for it.

First let's look at what we need to know:

     1. Functions of PC-Pursuit
     2. How you can get your own PC-Pursuit account
     3. How to use PC-Pursuit
     4. City Codes for PC-Pursuit

Let's look at them one at a time, shall we?

*)> 1 - Functions of PC-Pursuit <(*

Basically, PC-Pursuit is a subsidiary of Telenet, which is a
subsidiary of U.S. Sprint (ugh!).
What PC-Pursuit is is a chain of modems that a registered
user can access to make long-distance calls for only $25 a
Sounds great, doesn't it? Of course, but there ARE some
catches, of course.
Namely that you have do ONLY calls via modem, no voice.
And that all calls must be made between 6pm (local time) and
7 am, lest you get some hefty surcharges.

BUT, my friends, there is a way that you can use PC-Pursuit
for less that the flat $25 a month... Namely for FREE...
Which brings us to number 2...

*)> 2 - How you can get your own PC-Pursuit account <(*

Now, there are two ways to get around the fees. The easy way
(laden with risks), and the hard way (fewer risks)

Let's look at them one at a time.

The EASY way to hack an account on PC-Pursuit isn't even
hacking, really...
When you call the PC-Pursuit main bulletin board (more on
that later), you can sign up for PC-Pursuit. BUT you need a
major credit card...
Again, we have two choices for this.
We can either enter a bullshit credit card number with the
proper format and a phoney name, or a valid credit card
number that isn't your own...
Either way, you have to give them YOUR address, unless you
have a P.O. Box or a mailbox at a private company or another
They will send you a packet an a week to 10 days, and then
you can just go fucking nuts calling all the PC-Pursuitable
cities (25 at last count).

That is the easy way... I told you it was risky...

The HARD way is to actually hack out someone's code on a
Telenet system (a complete national listing of all local
Telenet access numbers is available on this board).

When you log on to Telenet, you see NOTHING.. Press ENTER
twice. Simple, eh?
Next you see the first prompt from Telenet, 'TERMINAL='

Press Enter or type VT100, VT52, Dx (x = 0 to 9) or
whatever...  I have not noticed any differences in any of
them as of yet...

Next you get the main Telenet prompt, the '@' symbol.

From here, a PC-Pursuit user would type this:


C is for Connect. With This command, you can also log on to
many of the major computer services such as Delphi,
QuantumLink, and CompuServe.

The D is for Dial. Simple
The slash divides commands and parameters on Telenet
The SSCCC is SS= a two-letter state code and CCC= a three
letter city code (more on these later)

The BB is either 3, 12 or 24, depending on the baud rates
available for the particular PC-Pursuit accessible area code,
and the baud rate you want (24, in most cases)

Now the good stuff...  The access codes and password.

The Access codes are ALWAYS in the format of PCPxxxxx.

The PASSWORDS are varied. They are initially registered to
the user in the format of XXXXyyyy where XXXX are four
letters and yyyy are four digits...
NOW, your saving grace from people changing their passwords
is that Telenet charges $5.00 for each password change...
So this helps...

Other commands available on Telenet are D (when not preceded
by a C) for Disconnect and HANGUP, which does just that.

Now that you have gotten your very own PC-Pursuit account,
you need to know how to use the damn thing.

*)> 3 - How to use PC-Pursuit <(*

Sure, you can issue the command from Telenet to dial the city
and baud that you want, but after it gives you the CONNECTED
message, you are as lost as a blind lesbian in a fish market.

No problem... From here on in, it's all peaches and cream.
The modems use the Hayes AT command set...

To dial your number all you do is type in this:

ATDTxxxxxxx CR

xxxxxxx = the phone number of the board you want to call.

Easy, eh? And your other major AT commands are available:

ATZ  Zaps the modem back to default settings
ATH  Hangs up the modem
A/   Repeats the last command given
ATDP Dials pulse (WHY?!?)
And so on.

When you want to connect to another city, Type '@' from the
modem command mode, and then 'D <CR>' at the Telenet main
prompt. Easy as pie.

So, now you are all set and take advantage of the generous
service that another stupid multi-billion dollar corporation
has bestowed upon us, the hackers of America.

Telenet also has a couple of nifty goodies that are available
to the users of PC-Pursuit, and the general public. These
are both modem lines.

PC-Pursuit Registration & Information
1-800-835-3638           or        703-689-5700
On this BBS you can actually register for PC-Pursuit, and
find out a little about the system. It has no features, and
is pretty boring. It might be fun to crash, though.

PC-Pursuit Net Exchange BBS
At the Telenet '@' prompt, type: PC PURSUIT,YOURID,PASSWORD
or call 703-689-3561.
This BBS has new info for PC-Pursuit users (be they legal or
not). It is advisable to keep a low profile on there, as they
have had a few hackers just go nuts and bring themselves in
the spotlight. Which is good, because the heat is on them,
not the smart ones that keep a low profile and are quit.

If for some reason there is a problem with your billing (hee
hee hee) the Telenet network has their Customer Service &
Billing numbers:
1-800-336-0437           or        703-689-6400

                  4 - Telenet City Codes

PC-Pursuit City, ST | A C |   Code     | Bauds Available
Atlanta, GA         | 404 |  D/GAATL   |     3/12/24
Boston, MA          | 617 |  D/MABOS   |     3/12/24
Chicago, IL         | 312 |  D/ILCHI   |     3/12/24
Chicago, IL *       | 815 |  D/ILCHI   |     3/12/24
Cleveland, OH       | 216 |  D/OHCLV   |     3/12
Dallas, TX          | 214 |  D/TXDAL   |     3/12/24
Dallas, TX          | 817 |  D/TXDAL   |     3/12/24
Denver, CO          | 303 |  D/CODEN   |     3/12/24
Detroit, MI         | 313 |  D/MIDET   |     3/12/24
Glendale, CA        | 818 |  D/CAGLE   |       12
Hartford, CN        | 203 |  D/CTHAR   |       12
Houston, TX         | 713 |  D/TXHOU   |     3/12/24
Los Angeles, CA     | 213 |  D/CALAN   |     3/12/24
Miami, FL           | 305 |  D/FLMIA   |     3/12
Milwaukee, WI       | 414 |  D/WIMIL   |       12
Minneapolis, MN     | 612 |  D/MNMIN   |     3/12/24
Newark, NJ          | 201 |  D/NJNEW   |     3/12/24
New York, NY        | 212 |  D/NYNYO   |     3/12/24
New York, NY *      | 718 |  D/NYNYO   |     3/12/24
Philedelphia, PA    | 215 |  D/PAPHI   |     3/12/24
Pheonix, AZ         | 602 |  D/AZPHO   |     3/12/24
Portland, OR        | 503 |  D/ORPOR   |     3/12
Triangle Park, NC   | 919 |  D/NCRTP   |     3/12/24
Downloaded From P-80 International Information Systems 304-744-2253