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                            H A C K I N G   T R W 
                             Written by Minotaur 
                                 Release 1.0   

    Unlike most of my previous text files this text file has been written for expirienced hackers.  What does that mean?  Well if you are a beginner that means you probably wont understand most of this and should not attempt to hack TRW.  If you are expirienced then go right ahead...

When you connect up to TRW, the dialup will identify itself with the
message "TRW".  It will then wait for you to type the appropriate answer-
back (such as CTRL-G).  Once this has been done, the system will print out
some numbers and then "CIRCUIT BUILDING IN PROCESS".  After this, it clears
the screen with a CTRL-L followed by a CTRL-Q.  After it sends you the CTRL-Q, it is ready for you to log in.  You first type in the 4 character identifying
code for the location you are.

TCA1 - For certain California Subscribers.
TCA2 - A second California TRW system.
TNJ1 - A New Jersey Database.
TGA1 - A Georgia Database.

     You should then hit return.  On the next line, you must type your 3 character option.  Most requests use the RTS option.  OPX, RTX, and some others exist.  (Note: TRW accepts an A, C, or S as the X in some options.)  Then you would then type in a 7 digit subscriber code followed by a 3-4 character password.  It seems that if you manage to get hold of a TRW printout (by trashing a business), the subscriber code will be on it, leaving only a 3-4 character password for you to hack.

Set your communications program as follows:
Half Duplex, Even Parity, 7 Data Bits and 2 Stop Bits

ATDT 741-6016 

System: TRW
User  : CTRL-G
System: -1017-101-

        Circuit building in process

        CTRL-L CTRL-Q

User  : TCA1 (RETURN)
User  : RTS 1234567ABC (RETURN) CTRL-S

NOTE: If you: **system error** it just means you entered an invalid code, and it will start you over.

    That's it!  I hope this text file will be able to help you get started on hacking TRW.  If you have any problems and have access to the Internet I can be mailed at the following address:
[email protected]
And remember...
              This is file IS NOT for info purposes only!

                                                     +++ MINOTAUR +++