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Fighting back against AOL (Assholes On-Line)
Definition: Today I'm going to show you how to make a system crusher that
should kill any computer without a surgeprotecter on their phone lines, and 
some that do.
Materials: model rocket launching detonator (you know what I mean), spare
copper wire, electric tape, a power outlet , and some wire cutters.
   First step: Look at your detonator, it should have a status light, a 
launch button, and two wires coming out the fron with metallic clips on the 
end.  Now open up the back and take your batteries out.
   Second step: Take some wire and wire one strand of copper to the positive
detector in the detonator.  Wire the other end of this to the positive side 
of a car battery.  Wrap electric tape around it so it shock you later.  Now 
take another wire and wire it around the negative receptor in the detonator.
   Third step: You should now have two wires coming out the back of your 
detonator, one connected to the battery (positive).  Now shred the insulation
off the phone line your modem is connected to (no, not the one going toward 
your computer).  Attach the metal clips on the fron of your detonator to the 
phone line.  It will take a bit of experimenting to get them in the right 
   Fourth step : Dial up an access, and when you connect, turn off your 
modem, or unplug the phone line from your computer (not from the wall) unless
you want to blow up your own computer.  Now carefully check all connections 
in your detonator-battery hookup.  With a plastic-lined pair of tweezers, 
take the negative wire end and wrap it aroung the receptor on the battery. 
Then you probably know what to do:
                   PRESS THE LAUNCH BUTTON!!!


   Try to kill AOLNet.  Sprintnet is better (cause of no tracing, and we are 
not fighting Sprint (okay, so we are)).  A little advice.  Get a laptop, bud 
box, and an extension cord, and set this thing up away from where you live.

   Other ways

   Make some homemade C-4, a detonator, and find when tha number is.  Call 
tha operator and say you have a fone number and no address.  Sound confused.
If that doesn't work them use Jolly Rogers method of getting unlistend 
numbers.  Then bomb there lines, or just there building.


   You could take out that new 28.8 number, or you could take out that 2400 
and force them to make a new number.  Chances are they will not make a 2400 
bps line.  Instead they might make another 28.8 line foe ya.

   Mail bombs

   Mail bomb Guides, TOSAdvisor, Steve Case, TOS Email1, CJs, and HOSTs and 
of course that phag name MajorTom (Tom Lichty tha guy who writes those lame 
AOL books), CliffStoll (he caught 5 Russian spies and wrote a book), I hate 
him.  You will lose an account, but then people can't report you to TOS.  
Also mail bomb EVERYONE you can.  Make an account named like JDoe232978, walk
into a public room (or even better, one of those damn faggot rooms like 
M4M4Heat).  Just pick a person at random or see which one is tha most phagish
and set  your mail bomber at 550.  Make tha subject like NEVER ASK FOR MY 
PASSWORD!!!  Something to make it look like they did something wrong.  This 
also helps to keep them from reporting you to TOS, and if they do, their mail
box is full.  Then let it go.  This is not to cause trouble with that person 
(okay, so it is) it is to stresses out AOLs mail system.  That is why there 
are Ghosts, people with tha name Error, or when you are in a PR and 24+ 
people are there.  That is why chain letters is a "Violation of the Terms of
Service."  Oh, bite me.

   Aqua boxs

   AOL is trying to develop a type of Lock and Trace traps like tha F.B.I. 
uses.  It would be a good ideal to make an aqua box.  When I make aqua boxes 
I hook it up to another computer or to a Sega, Nintendo, etc.  Just to have 
tha knowledge that I am playing games with tha Feds.

   Get a GOOD TOSer.  One that works and you canc change what it says.  
Menace II AOL is my choice.  Tha PW is OL' Dirty Bastard.  I also use AOF 
(America Off-Line) IM manipulation (it still works) and IM myself anything.  
Then I manip. someone who I dislike.  Copy it by hitting CRTL+C and then IM a
Guide that is on.  Ask him if whoever is on that if XXXXXXX is with tha 
billing department.  Lead them on.  They will ask if he asked foe your PW.  
Say yes and hit CRTL+V to paste it there after he explains how to copy and 
paste.  Make it look like you are lame and new to AOL.  Send him tha 
manipulated text and he will TOS him/her.  Make SuRe that tha person you are 
TOSing is on.  Have a FrankD8981 kinda name.

   That is it.  Do this to bring AOL to their knees.  DON'T GIVE THIS TO AOL