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                     HOW TO DIAL OUT ON A UNIX SYSTEM.
 This document makes the assumption that you are currently logged on to the
 system and are sitting in a shell environment.
         1. First of all we need to locate the L-devices file.
            It should be found in the /usr/lib/uucp directory,
            but in case it isn't typing:
                       find / -name L-devices -print
            will show you where it is.
            If you can't find it then don't worry as we can get
            around it, only it will take a bit of trial and error.
         2. If you found the L-devices file then we need to list
            it by typing:
                       cat L-devices
            If it runs off the screen then type:
                       cat L-devices | more
            This will page the output - space displays the next
            page and return will show the next line while q quits.
            This file shows us to which serial line (port) the
            modems (ACU's) are connected, it also shows when they
            can be called and the baud rate.
            We are interested in the serial line and the baud rate.
            Choose a line with your desired speed and make a note of
            the serial line. The speed is shown as 2400,1200,300 etc.
            and the serial line as ttynn where nn is a number.
         3. If you couldn't find/list the L-devices file then type:
                       who am i
            This will show which serial line you are on, and as you
            are on a modem then it's a fair bet that the others are
            not too far away. e.g. If you are on line tty07 then
            there's a good chance of a modem being on tty06,tty08 or
         4. Now we need to make a direct connection to the modem by
                       cu -sbaud -l/dev/ttynn dir
            where baud and ttynn are your desired speed and serial
            line respectively.
            If you couldn't find/list the L-devices file then this is
            where the trial and error I told you about comes in.
            When you get it right it should come up with 'Connected'.
         5. Now we are talking directly to the modem. As a precaution
            at this point I suggest saving the modem's current config
            by typing:
            Don't worry if you can't see what you are typing as it is
            probably in quiet mode with echo off.
            Now restore the factory default settings by typing:
            Now you can set up the modem as you require it, just as
            you would with your own and use it as normal.
            When you have finished type:
            to restore the modem back to it's initial state, then
            It should come up 'Disconnected' and you should now be
            back in your shell.
 It is probably best to try and log on to a RACE system on an 0800 number
 as then it won't cost you a penny to call your favourite BBS's.
 If you have any problems or need any UNIX information then send mail to
 me on HackerNet and I'll see what I can do for you.
 Wishing you all many, many, happy hours of hacking - THE ANALYST.
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