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 * Have a shell in 24hours after reading this, or your money back. *
A Darkfool Text- member of SIN
I have read many a hacking e-zines, and 'how to hack' documents before. They
are ok, interesting etc.  but they always show you how to get root through a
shell, what people seem to forget is the fact that you have to actually get
the password before you can use a shell to an account. You might be lucky
and find that l:guest p:guest will work. In this text I will show you how
easy hacking is ( on old deformed systems ) and how you can get a shell of
some sort in 24 hours after reading this. I am not going to go on to explain
how to get root after getting a shell as there are 1000's of texts and C
programs which explain this.
OK, the very first thing you need to do is to have a WWW browser, a telnet
program, john the ripper kracker program ( i recommend ) and a good
dictionary file.
WWW Browser - Netrape or MSIE are fine
Telnet Program - One which lets you set which port you want to connect to 
John The Ripper - Will be at 
Dictionary File - Found at many hacking web sites. Do a search for one
Ok, every net user/wanna be hacker will have most of those programs and if
ya don't there really easy to get a hold of.
OK, now I am going to tell you something about Japan. They make your stero,
they made the bits inside your computer, they made your car, they made
everything electronic around you, you have their eyes at the end of your
nob, but they are rubbish at one thing, the internet and security. The
honestly don't know anything about internet security, I have rooted or got
shells on many a japanese servers. These are my favourite systems to attack
because they are soooooo easy. I am also told that Australian servers are
very easy too, some Berkeley UNiversity machines are very easy to krack too.
Next thing you got to do is fire up your WWW browser. Goto AltaVista if you don't know already this is a search
engine which has some very nice advance features.
Once here in the search field box type this and press search,
this looks for all URL's with in.  This is academic places in Japan,
similar to the US which has .edu instead. You will be presented with a load
of web pages which text you probably can't read because its all in some
funny language. More importantly is the URL which they point out, for
example,    , notice the at the end of it.
Click on the link to the site ( longer server urls are easier to break into
BTW ). When the URL appears on the WWW browser box at the top of the screen
add this line to the end of it.
To all you 313375 out there, yes, i know this is the phf technique and it is
virtually dead, but you'll be surpised where you can use this.
This technique of finding the password file to the system is old, it was
first used in November 1996 on the FBI web page by a few hackers. It has
been patched up by a lot of servers, so this won't work on or
most of www.*.com  but still works on many University servers outside of EU
and US.
Ok, once the URL has been entered you will see a number or things :-
Error 404
/cgi-bin/phf is not found on this server
You do not have permission to view /cgi-bin/phf/ on this server
There are a number of other things the server might say, but the thing you
want it to say is the following :-
www-admin:rYsKMjnvRppro:100:11:WWW administrator:/home/Common/WWW:/bin/csh
maemae:dvUMqNmeeENFs:1016:10:Akiko Maeda:/home/user/maemae:/bin/csh
watanaby:ewF90K0gwXVD6:1006:10:Yoshiaki WATANABE:/home/user/watanaby:/bin/csh
kake:kFph8HEM/aaAA:1007:10:Tetsuro KAKESHITA:/home/user/kake:/bin/csh
This means you have hit the jackpot ! 
If you get something similar to this but all lines have something similar to
the following :-
www-admin:*:100:11:WWW administrator:/home/Common/WWW:/bin/csh
kangaroo:*:1012:10:Hisaharu  TANAKA:/home/user/kangaroo:/usr/local/bin/tcsh
maemae:*:1016:10:Akiko Maeda:/home/user/maemae:/bin/csh
watanaby:*:1006:10:Yoshiaki WATANABE:/home/user/watanaby:/bin/csh
kake:*:1007:10:Tetsuro KAKESHITA:/home/user/kake:/bin/csh
( notice the * )  if you don't know already this means its shadowed and you
cannot work out the password using a shadowed file.
If some but not all of the logins have * in them its ok, its worthwhile
getting the ones which aren't shadowed, hey, a shell is a shell !
Get all the lines which aren't shadowed and then paste them into notepad,
write the name of the server in the top line of the file and save it.
Ok now for the next bit, this is fairly simple but can be a lengthy process
depending upon which speed machine you have and how big your password file
is and dictionary file. Use john the ripper or whatever password cracker you
are using, although i recommend john the ripper because its quick. This will
probably take a long time so go to the pub or have a drive or something....... 
If you are lucky enough to work out the passwords to the logins then well
done, if you don't, them find another server or increase the size of your
dictionary file, make it as big as you can, the bigger the better, the more
luck you will have in finding the password.
OK, you got some passwords to a few logins, if you got root them jump around
the room with joy ( I do ). If you didn't then, well, atleast you got
yourself some shells. Now, if you want to keep these shells without anyone
knowing then your best bet is to telnet to the site at port 79, you will
have a blank prompt, here type in the username of the account you cracked,
it will tell you the last time they logged in, do this for all the accounts,
use the account which isn't used very much, the best ones are the ones which
say ' User Never Logged On ' because then the account is basically yours !
{ Note: If you get root type the following at the shell prompt :-
echo "myserver::0:0:Test User:/:/bin/csh" >> \etc\passwd
This wil allow you to login to the server with l:myserver so you don't get
admin suspicous when they see people login in as root. }  
Hide yourself as much as possible, if you already have a shell then go
through that first when logging on, or, telnet to the hacked shell and then
re-telnet to the hacked shell using the hacked shell, if you see what I
mean, so your who appears as localhost. Get some C scripts which delete your
presence etc...
Thats it, if there's demand to explain this in further detail then please
e-mail me telling me you want a follow up, I don't do personal help so don't
e-mail me asking for help PLEASE DON'T !
Thats it.....
" Stay cool and be somebodys darkfool this year "
Saying a quick hello to #prophet undernet. Visit me on #sin.
I am at 
	[email protected]
and also a lot of japanese servers ;)
 " Stay Cool and be somebody's Darkfool "