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This tutorial was originally posted by someone else in this forum (sorry - cannot remember who the person was), and is repost by me.

Tutorial Objective

This tutorial guides the user how he/she is able to specify more files download at the same time from the FlashGet Option setting.

Tutorial Introduction & Background & Fact

Pre-requistes Tools

* FlashGet v1.4

Terminology & Explanation


This tutorial requires you to modify the registry; therefore, backup your registry before you start to implement what this tutorial says.


Start "regedit" and go to

open "General"

right-click with your mouse into the right window
and create a new "DWORD" value

name new value "MaxSimJobs"

now doubleclick "MaxSimJobs" ,chose "dezimal" and
enter a new value "100"

press "return" and close registry-editor

In Flashget/tools/ options you can now set max.downloads to 100
instead of 8.


* It allows the user to have more files to download simultaneously by using FlashGet v1.4 download manager.

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