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ÿþ First off welcome to the wonderful world of TMD!

--------------------- SETTING UP mIRC ---------------------

First of all you need to download mIRC from /, this program will let you connect to the server and channel to download movies. Once installed run mIRC, and you will be presented with the mIRC options. The first thing you will see is the "Connect" options. Set the options as follows:

IRC Network: Select "Criten" from the dropdown list.

Full Name: Enter what you feel comfortable with.

Email Address: Enter your email address.

Nickname: Enter the nickname you want.

Alternative: If the nickname you picked isn't available this is the one it will use.

*If Criten isn't listed in the IRC Networks, hit the "Add" button.

Description: Criten

IRC Server:

Port(s): 6667

Group: Criten

Password: Leave Blank

Hit the "Add" Button to finish

Next we will move down to "DCC". Select "Auto-get file" (this will automaticly accept the files that are sent to you), click "YES" in the window that opens. Right next to the "Auto-get file" click on the "Minimize" option. Below that select select "Resume" from the drop-down list under "If file exists:". This option sets mIRC to automaticly resume any failed sends you may get instead of overwriting them.

Continuing in the "DCC" section, go down to "Folders". In the "DCC Ignore:" box select from the drop-down list "Disabled", then untick the "Turn ignore back on in:" box.

mIRC is now setup correctly to download movies from TMD! Hit "OK" on the bottom of the Options window and move on to the next part.

--------------- CONNECTING TO #TMD-MOVIEZ ---------------

In the upper left hand corner of mIRC you will see the "Connect" button in the tool bar, click it to connet to Once it has connected (be patient it can take a while to finally connect on some days), a window will pop-up, this is the mIRC Channels list. On the right side of the window click the "Add" button. Another window will pop up, set it as follows:

Channel: Type in "#TMD-Moviez" (without the quotes)

Password: Leave blank.

Description: Just type in "TMD Moviez" or something of the sort.

Networks: Click the "Add" button and from the drop-down list select "Criten", then click "OK".

If you wish mIRC to automaticly connect to this channel once connected to the server, check the "Join channel on connect" box in the options. You may also wish to add the channel "#TMD" (Our chat channel) by repeating these steps.

Now click "OK" and it will show the mIRC Channels List again with the channel you just added. While the new channel is still selected click "Join" on the right side.

You can also type in /join #TMD-Moviez

A new window will appear with a bunch of text scrolling by, if you see this, than you did everything correctly! You are now in #TMD-Moviez! Move on to the next section for the fun part.

----------------- FINDING AND DOWNLOADING FILES -----------------

The things you see scrolling are ads and searches mainly. It is the ads that you may want to watch for. They consist of info about the server like this:

*********** Only an example server... Not a real one! ********

[2:29am] <TMD-Maveric> File Server Online Triggers:½/ctcp TMD-Maveric !Maveric's Moviez!W% Min:½6.4 KbsW% Sends:½2/2W% Queues:½10/10W% Accessed:½3295 timesW% Online:½0/4W% RCPS:½42.8 Kbs by kukiW% Served:½95.6G in 785 filesW% Current BW:½41 KbsW% AQT:½1hr 15minsW% Serving:½279 filesW% MOTD: -= :: (»`À.©©.->All the newest from distro!!<-.©©.À$%») :: =- ùI-n-v-i-s-i-o-nù

Really the only thing you need to know to get started is how to connect to the file server and get a file.

The trigger is what you type into the channel to connect to the server. The trigger above would be "/ctcp TMD-Maveric !Maveric's Moviez!" (without the quotes) as noted by the "Triggers:½ W%" You always type what is inbetween the ½W%. You will know you are connected when a window pops up with:

Serving YourNickname

Waiting for acknowledgement...

DCC Chat connection established

Then you will see alot of text fly by which you can read if you want, but it is not needed. You will be left with something like this "[\]", that is the root directory of the server. To view the files in that directory you type "dir". At that point the directory contents will be show like this:

[2:40am] <TMD-Maveric> dir

[2:40am] <TMD-Maveric> [\*.*]

[2:40am] <TMD-Maveric> DVD RIPS

[2:40am] <TMD-Maveric> MOVIEZ

[2:41am] <TMD-Maveric> [tmd] 121 mb

[2:41am] <TMD-Maveric> [tmd] 115 mb

[2:40am] <TMD-Maveric> End of list.

The ones in all caps are directories, and the others are files signified by the the name and size of the file. If you want to go to a directory you need to type "cd <directory name>". Then you need to type "dir" again to see the contents. You should see something like this:

[2:44am] <TMD-Maveric>cd moviez

[2:44am] <TMD-Maveric> [\moviez]

[2:44am] <TMD-Maveric> dir

[2:44am] <TMD-Maveric> [\moviez\*.*]

[2:44am] <TMD-Maveric> ..

[2:44am] <TMD-Maveric> A RUMOR OF ANGELS

[2:44am] <TMD-Maveric> ALI G INDAHOUSE

[2:44am] <TMD-Maveric> AVENGING ANGELO

[2:44am] <TMD-Maveric> BALLISTIC - ECKS VS SEVER

[2:44am] <TMD-Maveric> BARBERSHOP

[2:44am] <TMD-Maveric> BARBERSHOP (UNCUT)

[2:45am] <TMD-Maveric> [tmd]nailed.(evil).scr.(1of2).avi 169 mb

[2:45am] <TMD-Maveric> [tmd]nailed.(evil).scr.(2of2).avi 59.3 mb

[2:45am] <TMD-Maveric> End of list.

Now to get a file you need to type "get <filename>". At that point you will either be sent the file, placed in queue for the file, of told that there isn't a free spot in the queue for you. Looking like this:

[2:50am] <TMD-Maveric> get [tmd]nailed.(evil).scr.(1of2).avi

[2:50am] <TMD-Maveric> Sending [tmd]nailed.(evil).scr.(1of2).avi ½169MBW%.

OR [2:50am] <TMD-Maveric>The file has been queued in slot 1

OR [2:50am] <TMD-Maveric> Sorry but the Maximum Allowed Queues of 10 has been reached. Please try again later.

The window may say something like "idle connection closing in 30 seconds", when you are finished either type "exit" or let the connection close. You will still get your download!

TIP: To quicky enter the filename you should copy and paste it. mIRC automaticly copys what ever text is selected to the clipboard. So select the filename (when you let go of the mouse button the selection will disappear) then use Ctrl+V (or right click and choose paste) to paste it.

A few other things you should know is how to go back a directory ("cd .."), how to see what files are sending ("sends"), and how to see who is in the queue ("queues").

Now to find the movie you are looking for.... As you may have seen in the chat screen you can search for what file you are looking for. This is done by using "@find <moviename>". So if you were looking for "The Ring" then you would type "@find the ring". If any matching files were found new windows will open with the results. You will see these flashing red in the top bar. Clicking on them will display the results for each server the file was found in, looking a bit like this:

<Nickname-of-server> [@Find Results] -=SysReset 2.50=-

<Nickname-of-server> Found [2] files on Trigger [/ctcp Nickname-of-server !TRIGGER!] - Queues: [20/25]

<Nickname-of-server> File: [The Ring\[tmd]the.ring.(ftf).ts.(2of2).avi] - Size [149.7MB]

<Nickname-of-server> File: [The Ring\[tmd]the.ring.(ftf).ts.(1of2).avi] - Size [130.1MB]

<Nickname-of-server> End of @Find.

The things to pay attention to is the trigger and the "Queues". The "queues" tell you how many people are in line to get a file from this server. [20/25] means there are 20 people in line out of an available 25 slots. The fewer amout of people in the queue the shorter amount of time you have to wait before downloading. Once you find a good server, type in the trigger that is show and you will be connected to the file server.

TIP: To close all the windows that opened as a result of the @find type "/close -m" in the channel.

----------------- COMMON ERRORS AND PROBLEMS -----------------

Error: "You need to identify a registered nick to join..."

Solution: To register: type in (without quotes) "/msg NickServ REGISTER password youremailaddress". That will register your current nickname using the password and email specified. To identify type in (without quotes) "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY password" where password is the password you registered with.

Problem: "The video doesn't play right!"

Solution: Be sure to download and install the TMD Codec. If after you have intalled the codec the video still doesn't work, make sure you download the entire file, the file sizes are listed on our MoveBot.

Error: "No more connections allowed in your connection class"

Solution: This just means the server is full. There is nothing to do but wait till it connects. Patience is a virtue!

Problem: "I have been banned from the channel, what do I do?"

Solution: Most bans only last a minute, so try to join the channel later. If you still can not join, then private message the OP that banned you in #TMD. To send a private message type "/msg <username> <message>" in the channel substituting <username> with the username of the person that banned you, and <message> with the message you want to send.

Problem: "I downloaded a movie but the quality is bad!"

Solution: There is nothing you can do about it! TMD encodes movies that were supplied by a "ripping" group. We encoded those files to make them more compact for easy downloading, while keeping the best quality we can. Some movies we get are bad quality to begin with, and we do what we can with what we have to work with.

Problem: "How do I know what new movies have been released?"

Solution: We have a bot in #TMD-Moviez and #TMD, simply type "!newmoviez" into the channel for the last 10 releases. Type "!moviebot" for all of the bots commands.


It all can be quite confusing at first glance, but after a week or two it seems simple! Any other questions you may have can probably be answered by going to #TMD. I hope this helps everybody.

****Written By Maveric****