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 how to make a kvcd or in other words how to get 700meg avi file down to about 450megs to make
a vcd without any picture loss

so youve download a movie its in avi format you want to watch it on your dvd player so
you reencode it it comes out to about 1100 maybe 1200 megs so you got to split it and save on
2 disks well the following tut will show you how to do it on one disk

first you are going to need some tools





and some dlls


put the above dlls in the same folder as heada3che



put these 2 in the same folder

you will have to have nero as well but im hoping you have that already if not it on this forum


again its on this forum

you will need some templates


right click all the pal templates if your dvd player is pal or ntsc if ntsc

save them to the template folder in the tmpegnc folder

so to begin

open virtualdub

goto file
open video file

locate the avi file you want to convert
if you get a warning ignore it
click the audio button at the top
make sure source audio and direct stream copy have a black dot next to it
goto file
save wav
now you have to call this with a .ac3 extension
for example view from the top.ac3
i would save this in the same file your avi is
so youve named it press save
box will open let it do its thing this is taking the sound from the film
now press audio and select no audio
you should have a black dot next to no audio and direct stream copy
goto video
select direct stream copy
goto file save as avi
save the file what you want again put in the same folder as the original avi
to make life easier i call mine the film title no sound ie viewfromthetopnosound
press save
this is now saving the film without sound

you can now close virtualdub

open besweet
scary looking box appears
dont worry heres what to do
at the besweet.exe locate the besweet folder it will show besweet.exe in the enter file name box
click on this and at the bottom it will say valid press ok
now goto input and find the ac3 file we just made you will need to change the enter file name from .Lst to .ac3
double click on the ac3 file you made and at the bottom it will say valid press ok
now looking at the gui make sure Use ac3 decoder is tick
downconvert sample rate is ticked
in the toolame dropdown box make sure it says mp2 leave the rest alone
now press copy command to clipboard
goto start
and right click paste
press ok
if all the settings are correct a black box will open and the ac3 will be transcoding to mp2
if not check the boxes are ticked
if ok leave it to do its thing
once the black box has disappered close besweet

open heada3che
hopefully you put all the dlls in the heada3che folder other wise you will get error messages
so make sure you do that
done it ok lets go
press source file
find the new mp2 file we just made
change the destination format to mp2
press start
thats it once its finished close headac3he

for your info
things are going to start looking messy inside your folder so if you want
you can delete some things
goto the folder where youre original avi file is
you can delete the ac3 file
and the mp2 file without the .2 in it
ie you will have two file names the same one with .2 on the end keep this one
this is so we dont get confused later

open tmpegnc
close the wizard if it opens
press the video source browse button
find the file we made with nosound on the end ie viewfromthetopnosound
now if you had gone to the kvcd page and downloaded all the templates this will help
if not go do that now
done it right lets go
now im afraid im not in front of your pc doing this for you so i hope i explain well
press load
you will see a load of files in front of you some starting with kvcd
right this is trial and error stuff now pick the first one begining with kvcd highlight it press open
now press start what will happen is the preview box in front of you will start encoding
now depending on the make up of the original avi file will effect the outcome of the finished film
so if you look at the box and all you see is a tiny box with film thats the size it will come out
if it looks weird press stop and reload a different template the best result is one that looks like widescreen
i hope that made sense

just press start and overwrite the file
any way let it do its thing depending on your pc specs depends how long this takes

so lets assume its done
press file mpeg tools the first box should be simple multiplex press the video input browse button
and find the new file we just made it will have a m1v extension
press the audio input browse button find the mp2 file with the .2 in the title the output
box will be automatically set to mpeg
press run
let it do its thing

close tmpgenc

open nero
select vcd
untick the create standard compliant cd
press new
find the new file we have made it will be in the original avi folder but will have a mpeg extension
now you have to drag this into the left box dont right click and copy to compliation
a box will appear and a blue line will go across if a warning comes up with not being a compliant vcd ignore carry on
press burn and burn at the speed you want
once finished press the ok box
press done the disk will come out and now to test
put it in your dvd player and hay presto the film kicks in

depending if your dvd player can play vcds that is

that i cant help you with