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How To Make Free Phone Calls

 Have you ever got stuck some ware and just about 6'ft away from you there is a pay phone, but yet you dont have any change(=( bummer) to call your famaly members or some one to come and pick you up(hehe that sux)?

Well im going to show you some thing that might get you arrested(shit now what) or it might get you home( now thats what im talking about!)its a chance that you have to take depends were are you.

Ok now before we go on let me let you know that this is not thateasy to do, but anyways lets start. A pay phone is not like a regular home phone. A pay phone runs through a diffrent amount of electricity and wires even the electricity flow is diffrent, Well anyways that is enoght of electrical talk lets get to the good part.

Ok to get free call's on a pay phone you will frist have to twist the phone wire just about 50 to 60 times then you will pull on the phonewire untill the metal part crackes off phone keep doing it if the metalpart is completely off the phone....
Now assuming that it is off you willsee a few colored wires in side the metal wire of the pay phone there should be a black, red, yellow one in side it and a really metallthick one in the middle(NOTE that some phone has diffrent colored wires)now the one wire that we are looking for is the black one. Now here ishow its done.. rip off the plastic of that wire(you can take it out with your teeth, you wont get electricuted =) hehe ).

Now assuming that you have taken apart the plastic off the wire(does not has to be all of it)now you will take that wire and aply it to the phone with the metal part of the phone touching the wire that you ripped off its plastic.. if you are aplying it correctly then you should here a static on the phone.. so make sure you have that phone on your ear.. now with the wire being aplyed to the phone(the metal part right next tothe buttons)Dial the number that you wish to call.. onces you hear it ringing then you can let go of the wire that you was applying.. and BINGO... say hello to mami and daddy for me =).. welp that is all enjoy your call.. ohh and by the wayyes this also comes with long distance hehe, and no! you can not use it to logg on to aol... Peace.

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