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Qanon is my fault.
It all happened because a guy had a bunch of TPW P4-15-NBs and he figured out a way to make them sound super mysterious and valuable.
Search that model in the 4plebs archive. Look up the very first appearance. I didn’t fake that- the TPW website and the weird google results were real. Probably just a coincidence. This inspired my following national guardsman larp, which you should see appearing chronologically immediately afterwards and also invoking the p4-15-nb. Unfortunately it failed to get any momentum even though I worked hard on it. Or maybe I just wasn’t willing to shill it hard enough like that “pol prophecy” that had the autist behind it making a thread daily for years because he couldn’t accept failure.
Then I tried again with what we all know as the first Q posts (before the tripcode).
These worked MUCH better because this time I tried to just give retards what they desperately wanted to hear.
But before I could build his larp up enough to cash in by naming them as a way to get “future encrypted comms,” a faggot mod from 4chan /pol/ stole the larp and ran off to 8gag with it. Fuck you baruch. Fuck you prayingmedic. Now how am I supposed to sell my laptops to boomers for $50k each as planned.
The one consolation is that my first post about Hillary being arrested is a major Q debunk.