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ÿþThe Modern Phreakers Guide To Payphones

 The Modern Phreakers Guide To Payphones

by: datachild

*Note: This tutorial is for semi experienced phreakers... if you dont

understand something then go read other tutorials because this one isnt

for you. I made it so you'd have a little more up to date information on

payphones... not my best work but informative

Table Of Contents

I. Introduction

II. Types Of Payphones

III. Boxes you ll Need

IV. Tools You ll need

V. Methods of Payphone Exploitation

VI. Other Ideas

VII. Greets


Well whats every phreaks dream? Free payphone calls! But getting

free payphone calls isn t that easy or that stealthy. I will go through

the ways to get around them but be warned this can get you jail time and

or a big ass fine. Also this is for people who have certain boxes made.

I don t tell you how to make any of these boxes in this tutorial.

Types of Payphones://

There are 2 types, COCOTS and Mah Bell phones. COCOTS are owned by

local business owners and aren t run by the phone company. Bell/Verizon

phones are&  They are easy to tell the difference because Mah Bell phones

will have the word  Bell  or  Verizon . Holly shit that was hard!

Boxes You ll Need://

Hehe the boxes. Ok well contrary to what most people believe, redboxes

still work today&  omg yes they do! Heh, but only on certain types of phones.

You ll need a beige box too.

Tools You ll Need://

Welp, you ll just need the usual tools and a new addition. Ya need

Wire Cutters, Wire Skinner, screw driver, and a Hacksaw (These come in

pocket knives so I suggest you get one bish)

Methods of Payphone Exploitation://

Here we go; I will break this up into two categories

MahBell and COCOTs.


Ok well here is were im not too experienced, so I ll go from what

I told still works, if it doesn t then oh fuck I m so sorry ;). COCOTS

are payphones set up by the simple people. They run off of regular phone

wires and 90% of the time the wires don t run underground& . So hey guess

what&  if it s a regular phone wire&  then we can beige box it right? RIGHT!

So there are 2 ways of doing this. The obvious and the not so obvious. The

obvious is to cut the wire that runs from the handset to the actual phone

and clip in your beige box,, the not so obvious is to follow the wires that

run down the payphone up to the wall of the building, you should see a little

medal box that you can unscrew, you can expose the wires here and clip in.

Another way of doing this is to use a redbox. But redboxes don t work on a

COCOT without having to socially engineer the operator. So here s what ya

do; call  0  and tell the operator that someone put gum all over the keys

and you need her to place a call for you. When she asks for money play the

tones on your redbox, it works beautifully were I live, people

in Mississippi don t know shit ;).

-Mah Bell-

Mah bell phones? EASY SHIT! These can be redboxed!!! Atleast they

can were I live. Go find a tutorial on how to make a redbox somewere and

use it! If the phones have some type of protection against them, use the

operator trick I told you about earlier.

Other Ideas://

I had some ideas for COCOTS. What if you set up a modified portable

phone at a COCOT&  so you could pick up your handset and fuck around with

the person?! Wouldn t that be great!? You d get calling card numbers and

you could harass people!. I was inspired from a story on

Hah well yeah ok that s my 2 cents.


I don t love anyone