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Hello everyone! PP here with my first post...

This won't be for everyone, but there are a few who would kill for it 

And sorry for the drawn-out story, but you'll learn about the site from it!

If you ever take an online course, theres a good chance it will be through the following website:

Stinkwell (lol, I am trying not to use there name too much) produces a variety of textbooks delivered on CD-ROM and the Internet. They're huge in the online course industry. Students that take course using Stinkwell, use their website to do homework, chat with the class, take tests, yadda, yadda, yadda.

It really PMO (pissed me off) that I had to spend hours doing the homework that didn't really affect the final grade. They make thier homework very cheat proof I noticed. So, I started sniffing around to see, if maybe, someone had the answers posted on the internet. No luck though. cray.gif

I went on to complete my class, Advanced Biophysics BTW, with a not so perfect grade. As I was trying to steal some flash files from the website before my registration code expired, I made a nifty little discovery. They left their 'backdoor' open on another server where they host ALL of their publications.

Videos, printed textbooks, homework & TEST ANSWERS, all of the cool flash files I was looking for, Instructor manuals and more were all just sitting there. If only I would of known this a month before!

I'm sharing this in hopes that another generation can use it to their advantage. AND you better hurry. Stinkwell will for sure 'close the door' once they see all the traffic going in and out :)

Here is what I mean. Take the next URL where the the flash file points to. Shorten it up a little, and you can view the folder where all flash files are stored. Go up another level, and you'll be browsing the main folder.
Here's a neat Flash animation of the working of the human heart:

Use some common sense with this... surf anonymously and don't pass it on too far


For all those not going to be enrolled, go ahead and brush up on your Chemistry, Government, and Public Speaking skills. It won't hurt you to take a break from the certification manuals :)

And if they shut her down, I've got the important stuff backed-up.