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Welcome to The king's meaning's
of how to kick some-one's ASS!
This letter should not be read
by Minors! Or those Sick in the

Welcome back to another one of the King's addition of Violence. This a good
way to deffand your-self if you come to a situation and you must use
physical force. Now just follow these ruls when you fight and you might just
Win. but only if you know what to do!

1. If some jerky comes up to you and tells you to fuck right off you can do
one of two things. you can a insult him back or b hit him hard in the
2. If you done A in number one you can expact him to hit you. Look at his
hands the one you see moving back is the one that is going to hit you with
so look and when he puls it up move your hand up and block it. then with
your other free hand hit him on the jaw! (if you put a lot of power into it
you might even knock him out!) O
3. If you done B in number one and he does't hit you back and runswalks away
then you might get charged! but if he hits you back then grab his shirt
coler with your weak hand and with your powerful hand hit him non-stop
in the jaw,nose, or for-head (constant hiting in these areas may make him
k.o. (k.o.=knock out!) 0
4. Now let me tell you about weapons (scince the rest is based on weapons!)
anything can be a weapon when you fight! even a simple twig! how can a
twig be a weapon you ask Well if you are on the ground get up holding
the twig and stab him in the leg! (he wont kick your ass anymore! trust
me on that one!) well back to weapons! If your walking along the
side-walk and some one grabs you around the neck holding a knife and
threating to cut your neck grab his arm, lung the arm stright over your
sholder and pull it down (you will snap elbo the joint.)
5. If some one is holding a knife to you (must be a few inches from you) as
he blinks use your right hand to hit him right on the palm, as your
doing that, with your left hit him on the nuckles of the same hand
if you hit him hard enough you'll pop his hand off the socket!
as he is screaming grab his head pull it down towards your waste lift
your knee and slam it in his Face (the fucker will go down! then you can
call the cops or steel his money and WALK away! if you run some one will
call the cops on you. Only run if the cops are coming after you.! 
If the bully picks on you, you must kick his ass for the chicksguys
there. When he comes towards you he might whant something in your lunch-
box. But what he doesent know WILL hurt him!
Let your mom but HOT, REALLY HOT coffe in your thermiss as he grabs you
tell him you got some good Necter to offer him. as he looks throw the
coffe in his face as he grabs his face knee him in the balls.
he'll go down! If you relly hate him grab a hand full of sand and put
in his mouth. If he is k.o'ed kick him in the ribs!
when the cops come tell them it was Self Deffance! you'll get off scot-
free and you'll have all the chicksguys!! )
7. When on the street and some punk comes up to you and whants to fuck you
up hit him in the nose with all your might (I had fights with these ass
holes and they are relly hard! Its like there bones wont break I only
lost once to them and thats because I had a few jump me as he was
losing. If you dont have a lot experance run from them.)
well i will tell you what to do if you are experanced.
Grab any thing hard near by and SMACK the fuck'in guy in the head!
when the others rush you Kick,Smack,And hit anywhere., where ever you
land them is good! (hope you can take them!) 0
8. Well im tired of writing so if you whant more wait and call the bbs where
you got this at! Or in the next issue i'll include a form that you can send
money to so if every thing goes well I will put up a bbs and with all the
info on sports,fights,sex, and more fights you can be a major Stud like
the king & the Fly

So I hope all your problems have been
answerd and if not wait for Fighting2.txt!

PS (from the fly)
The king is a good fighter dont take this as a joke! We spent a lot
of hard work on this (the fighting and all!) so if you get in a fight
and use this and lose dont blame us it's your fault becasue you might
not be expreanced enough! so be ready for a fight! (I know i am!)!

the king If you would like more please send $2.00 to
the KING
1688 hebert
Windsor Ontario, CAN
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