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WinRar Tutorial_Compression profiles, passwords and more

 FIRST - Set Yer options correctly

Open WInRar


GENERAL | (ok now that we're there, here's what U do next)

But 1st -> realize that everything U set on the default profile will occur everytime U rar files. So if U only need a password occasionally, or other special settings, then create another profile for those purposes. U can change which profile U need to use when WinRar is open. The Default profile is used otherwise, such as when using WinRar from the context menus in explorer.

General tab:

Archive format RAR

Compression method BEST

size (enter in BYTES the size you want as the max single Rar file). I use 51,200,000 (50,000 KB x 1024). But chose yer max size as U wish.


Archiving options: check > PUT RECOVERY RECORD

Archiving options: check > TEST ARCHIVED FILES.

Archiving options: check > DELETE FILES AFTER ARCHIVING ( unless U want yer HDD to fill up with the rars & the original files for some reason)

Archiving options: do NOT check > Put authenticy verification, as this can be a source of Error Messages being generated upon extraction.

Archiving options: check > Create SFX ONLY if U don't expect the person getting the filez to have WinRar. Otherwise leave it UNCHECKED.

Archiving options: do NOT check > Create Solid Archive. This can cause problems in certain cases.

Archiving options: do NOT check > Lock Arhive. This has NOTHING to do with a password.

Advanced tab:

Recovery Record -> U can leave it at 1%. Only set it higher if U expect the rar files to have a high risk of corruption. (very bad internet connections, or use on floppy disks, etc)

All else can be left alone. Don't bother with the Compression button.

Files Tab

File Paths -> STORE RELATIVE PATHS. (unless U have a specific folder U want the files to be extracted to. Such as c:\program files\No Name Appz\link catcher).

The rest leave alone

Backup Tab

No need to change anything.

Time Tab

Files to Process -> OF ANY TIME

Comment Tab

Whatever comment U enter there will be shown on the right hand pane when WinRar opens yer Rar files. Think of something fun, catchy,interesting. I always mention that the files have recovery record set, so if they are corrupted in transfer, the person knows to use REPAIR function.

Click OK, U have now created yer default profile.


HOW TO CREATE a PASSWORDED PROFILE, which will NOT be the default:

open WInRar

Click the ADD Icon


Check the SHOW PASSWORD box, so U can see what U typed and also copy/paste it to wherever U need it, such as on yer post. Now only one box will be open to enter the password. COPY/PASTE it to a txt file. I call mine WinRAR_Password.txt. Do this IMMEDIATELY afer entering it, before closing that window, or U may be very sorry later.

Enter the password. It is CASE SENSITIVE. If the password is 8 or more alpha-numeric characters, no one will be able to hack it. Unless they own a super-computer. Avoid using words that are found in dictionaries.

Check the encrypt file names box. That way, even if some nasty person obtains yer Rar file, they won't know what is in it, especially if the name U give the rar file is "Grandma_pix.rar" or whatever.

Back to GENERAL tab | PROFILES button | Save Current Settings to a New Profile

Enter the name of this profile. For example if the passwd is ht*p://, U might name the profile Superforum. Only U will see this profile name. It does not go into the rar files made from it.

Do NOTHING more, do NOT set this as default profile.

Click OK | Click OK again.

Now U have a Passworded Profile.


Note -> Everything U set on the default profile will occur everytime U rar files. So when U need the password profile, follow these instructions. The Default profile is used otherwise, such as when using WinRar from the contest menus in explorer.

Open WinRar

Browse to the filez/folderz U want to Rar with Password.

Highlight all filez/folderz to be included.

Press the ADD button.


Scoll down to the profile whcih has the password set. In my example Superforum

Click OK

The filez are Rar'd. U can check if U did all correctly by opening the rar filez, and seeing if a password is required.

Until U change back to DEFAULT profile in this same method, or close WinRar, all Rar'z U create after this will have a password.



With Win Explorer create a sub folder REPAIRED

Open WinRar, browse to the folder with the damaged Rar file(z). U can find which one is bad by selecting the 1st RAR file and using TEST button.

Select the damaged file, press REPAIR button.

In dialogue box, enter the path to the REPAIR subfolder, or browse to it.

As long as there is a RECOVERY record in that Rar, it will be repaired.

Copy all the NON-DAMAGED rars to your repair folder and rename the REPAIRED file back to it's original name.

Proceed with extraction in the REPAIR folder as normal.



If U select a folder to Rar, later when U extract it inside that folder, U end up with nested folders of same name. (We've all seen this often when extracting rars.

So Instead, go inside the folder, select all the filez & sub-folderz. Now U have a rar inside just one folder.

Note to w***z Groups, how about using WinRar Recovery option finally, and avoiding problems with corrupt DL's ?