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 Right 1st Things 1st..

Quite Allot Of People See mIRC As Just Another Chat Client, Thats Hard To Use And Even Understand. Well Im Here To Tell Ya OtherWise..

With Just A Little Bit Of Patience And Understanding, mIRC Opens Up New Horizons Not Just For Chatting, But Also For Getting Almost Anything You Want, Be It The Latest Applications, Latest Music Release, Film, Operating Systems.. The List Is Endless..

So With The Help Of This Tutorial, Im Hoping To Help Destroy A Little Myth About mIRC.. And Also Get More People In #ShareorDie At The Same Time.

Ok, It Would Be A Good Idea To Have mIRC Installed, Get It Here :-

Installation Is Straight Forward, If You Can't Manage To Install mIRC, I Suggest You Don't Read On.

Mirc Is A 30day App, Which With The Help Of The Below KeyGen Link, Turns It Into A Unlimited Day Version.

Right Now We Have mIRC Installed, Next Is To Connect To One Of The Well Known Channels That Host These Files..

So, Launch mIRC, Then Goto Tools, Options, Then Click On The Servers Tab.
Next Click The Add Button. And Enter The Information As Listed Below.

Description : #Datavault (You Can Put Anything U Want Here Though)
Irc Server : (The Server Your Going To Connect To)
Port(s) : 6667-6669 (Some Technical Stuff Hehe)

Now Press Ok. In The Drop Down Box, You Should Now See #Datavault, If This Is Not The Case Scroll Down Until You Find It, When Found Press Connect To Server.

A New Status Window Appears, We Now Have To Register Our Name On The NetWork. So Do The Following :-

/msg nickserv REGISTER Password ValidEmail
Change Password For A Password You Will Remember
Change ValidEmail For A Valid Email Account Of Yours.

After That Has Been Done, And You Have Pressed Return, Nickserv Will Then Ask You To Identify YourSelf. So Type :-

/msg NickServ IDENTIFY Password
Password = To The Password You Entered When Registering.

You Must Identify YourSelf Everytime You Connect To The Server, This Can Be Automated Later On.

Now To Join The Channel, So In The Status Window Type /Join #Datavault

And Hey Presto Your In!

The Bots In This Channel Spam What They Are Hosting Roughly Every Hour, When They Do, You Will See Something Like Below :-

+Fag\\Xdcc ** 1 pack ** 12 of 35 slots open, Min: 15.0KB/s, Record: 759.0KB/s
+Fag\\Xdcc ** Bandwidth Usage ** Current: 1687.4KB/s, Record: 4487.6KB/s
+Fag\\Xdcc ** To request a file type: "/msg Fag\\Xdcc HOMO send #x"
+Fag\\Xdcc #1 326x [1.2G] EURO.2004-DEViANCE.tar
+Fag\\Xdcc #2 666x [1.2T] The Entire SoD Db That Miniyou Stole 2004.Rar
+Fag\\Xdcc Total Offered: 1201.0 MB Total Transferred: 1.45 TB

Now Comes The Interesting Bit, Each Bot Can Host Numerous Files, Now Say For Example We Wish To Download The Entire SoD Db..

All You Would Type In The #DataVault Chat Window Is :-
/msg Fag\\Xdcc HOMO send #2
(A) = The Bot Trigger
(X) = The Packet Number We Want.

If We Wanted To Download Euro.2004-DEViANCE.tar, We Would Place The Same Command, However Instead Of The Number 2, It Would Be Packet Number 1.

Now If You Have Managed To Read This Far And Not Got An Headache, Pat YourSelf On The Back, However There Are Speciall Addons That Can Be Downloaded For Irc, Which Monitor The Channel Where The Bots Are And 'Catch' The Triggers In A Window, Which You Can Just Click On To Download.. One Such App You Can Get Here :-

Thanks To Delerium77 For The Link..

Just A Quick Note About Xdcc Klipper, Some Channels Don't Like These Scripts, And As Such Request You Don't Use Them, If You Ignor The Requests You Will Be Banned.. So For People Wondering Thats Why I Went On About How To Download The Apps Manually

#Datavault Is Just One Of Many Sources On The mIRC Networks.

The Below Link, Is A Good Start For Finding Anything You Want.

Run That Link Through Internet Explorer, And When You Click On A Download Link And mIRC Is Running, It Will Auto-Matically Take You To That Channel, And With Of The Xdcc Klipper, You Can Download Anything You Require..

Hope I Have Not Bored AnyOne To Death With This Piece..

Oh And Heres The Link, On How To Connect To #Shareordie