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/////       **                                                   M      \\\\\\
\\\\\       **              Bell Hell Volume #1                  E      //////
/////       **                                                   T      \\\\\\
\\\\\  ************           By: The Dutchman                   A  C   //////
/////   Neon**Knights                       -Wired               L  O   \\\\\\
\\\\\       **                                                      M   //////
/////       **       Thanx to: Baby Demon & The Metallian           M   \\\\\\
\\\\\       **                                                      U   //////
/////       **  Call These Genocidal Systems...                     N   \\\\\\
\\\\\       **                                      0               I   //////
/////       **   /\/\etalland 1  10mgs/AE/BBS/Cat-Fur[503]538-0761  C   \\\\\\
\\\\\            /\/\etalland ][ AE/Cat-Fur Line.....[503]253-5300  A   //////
/////  METAL!    The /\/\etal AE PW: KILL./..........[201]879-6668  T   \\\\\\
\\\\\  KICKS!    The Cheese ][   10mgs/AE/BBS/Cat-Fur[409]696-7983  I   //////
/////            Milliways       10mgs BBS...........[609]921-1994  O   \\\\\\
\\\\\            7 Gates of Hell BBS.................[415]697-1320  N   //////
/////            The Mordor AE   1200bps/Cat-Fur/10mg[201]528-6467  S   \\\\\\

PREFACE: In this issue will discuss the different types of operators, area
codes and special numbers. This edition is made to give you a basic
understanding of the wicked ways of MA. I hope it'll give you a good enough
back ground to do well. Look for Bell Hell vol. 2 for more info on hacking.


Here we'll go over in detail some of the most common operators.


Trafic (us) Service Position System Operator is the bitch you commonly here
whenever you use a pay phone etc. To say the least she's a meat head. Her
responsibilities are as follows:

 [1] Getting all billing information for Calling Cards and 3rd number calls.

 [2] Making sure you get the right person on person-to-person calls.

 [3] Making sure the fool on the other end will pay for your collect call (why
     call collect?)

 [4] Identifying calling numbers, or basically asking you,
     'what number are you calling, please.' when the system fucks up.

Even though these operators are commonly ding-bats, you shouldn't screw with
them, for they are known to be quick with the tracer. She can even tell if you
are calling from a fortress phone. She has a portable all time ready tracer.
Beware of these deadly bitches.


This wench is basically an apprentice to the bitch above (TSPS) or commonly
the '0' operator. She will never question you as long as you are within her
dimension (service) area. She can only be reached by a mighty Blue Box
(discussed in up and coming tutorial) or another operator.


This is the operator you get when you call directory assistance (555-1212).
All she can do is either tell you a listed number or tell you if a number is
unlisted. Waste of time.


This neat little operator is set up to help with directory assistance for deaf
people (who would they want to talk to?). She's reachable by dialing
800-855-1155. She talks to the deaf via Teletypewriters (terminals). If your
modem can transfer baudot (Oh those sweet Apple Cats can) then you can talk to
her. You might find her alot more friendly, more talkitive, and alot easier to
manipulate a number out of. However, she does use abbreviations like GA for go
ahead (pretty tricky huh).


Oh the sweet CN/A, god bless its soul. These operators instead of giving you
information on a persons phone number, they give you information on a phone
numbers person (the person at 503-229-7600). However, if manipulated these
beauties can give you the number for an unlisted phone number (the number),
they have all kinds of access. This topic is discussed later in this tutorial.


All places have their share of low lifes, well this is the scum, bottom of the
barrel of operators. She's the one you get when all the recordings are busy
(lower than a recording). Infact these dames can cause you more pains then a
recording. They only know a handful of english (around two sentences) and can
barely even say those. Even though they have no clue to what a trace is,
unless you know their native tongue, and then doubtfully, their just a pain in
the butt to deal with.


Well we have - marine verify, mobile, route and rate, ship to shore,
conference and a few other specific ones. No real help to us now.

*NOTES: Most operators have their own little Directory Assistance. If any
operator is giving you probs ask to speak with his/her/its supervisor. This
will freak them out. In rare loveable cases you might find a nice operator
with a number like (503-123-4567). Whenever you find a 0 or 1 in the 4th
number slot then you know need a Blue Box. It'll give you special access to
those hard to get wenches.

                            AREA CODES ETC.


Basiclly MA made our phone numbers quite simple. Here's how they work:

[A] The area code is what the call a three digit number plan area or NPA. This
means that an area code is just that, the code for an area.

[B] The rest of our number (ie. 666-7209) is divided into two segments. The
first being the Central Office number (666 would be N. Portland) and the
ending (7209) is the station number, or basically your assigned home number.

This complete combination (503-666-7209) is known as the destination code.
Here's how MA has developed the combo's:


       X*Y           XYY-YYYY

 X = a number from 2-9
 y = a number from 0-9
 * = either 0 or 1

Normally an area code may never cross a states boundry, thus an area code
(NPA) may not be used for both New York and for Pennsylvania. However, as for
all other rules there is an exception. Here they are.


 510 - TWX (USA)
 610 - TWX (CANADA)
 710 - TWX (USA)
 810 - TWX (USA)
 910 - TWX (USA)

 The explanations of these are as follows:


Telex II, as you can see above there are 5 TWX machines. They are all owned by
Western Union. Normally these babes may only be accessed by other TWX
machines, however, if you do not wish to go and purchase one you can access
them by use of the Easylink, by Western Union. For more on this I would
suggest reading The Bioc Agents, and Tucs article on 'Hacking Western Union's


This is a new service for employees of AT&T in which someone (one of the
special employees) can call his own 700 number (say 700-292-9876), enters
his/her code, and where he is staying and then hangs up. If there is any new
info on the case he is working on, the computer will call him back and tell
him all the latest updates.


There are basically two types of Watts Lines, Inward Watts and Outward watts.
These are probably some of the nicest of the special area codes since they
allow you to call for free. Here's an explanation of the two:


Inward Wide Area Telecommunications Service is probably the one your most
familiar with. MA has developed it so there are 6 different levels of Inwatts.
Level 6 being the whole U.S. (all 50 states) level 5 being all 48 contienental
states etc. all the way down to 1, only one state. Usually a company will get
a level 6 and then a level 1 because all though level 6 allows you to call
from anywhere in the U.S. it excludes the state where the call is terminated
at, so the company usually buys a level 1 for that state.

Interstate Inwatts are less common but still exist. These are the ones you can
only call from say one state. You can tell one quite easily for they all have
a 2 for the last central office number, or the 6th number (ie. 800-XY2-XXXX).

All companies that have an 800# must have at least two lines. This is because
if you call the first number (ie. 800-666-0190) and it rings busy the 800#
number will always go to another port to see if its busy. Inwatts customers
are billed by the hour instead of month like us.


Outwatts are just that, there for making outward calls only. Large companies
commonly use Outwatts since they recieve bulk discounts. Outwatt 800's are in
the form of:


* may only be a 0 or 1 and can only be reached by way of box. The whole set,
*XX is the areas that are accessable by that comany.


This is a nation number used for taking polls and the like (How do you think
they know what shows on the tube are k00l). The number for this service is,
900-555-1212. This will tell whats up on the system. Beware, this MA trick
will cost you 50 cents a minute, and 35 cents there after (ever heard of MA
being cheap?).


These are the way the switching office knows where to route the call. The
following codes are reserved nationwide:

  555 - directory assistance
  950 - future use
  958 - plant test
  959 - plant test
  976 - dial-it services (weather etc.)


 This includes all special service. Heres a list of a few:

  1000 - SPC
  1022 - MCI Execunet
  1033 - US Telephone
  1044 - Allnet
  1088 - SBS Skyline

*NOTE: These beauts are free from fortresses.


These consist of ANI, Ringback and some other MA tests.


Check this one out. Simply dial 976-1000. Alot of BBSs around will probably
have a more complete listing of these services.

  N11 CODES:

I'm not sure which one of these are still in service. Basically MA wants to
dump these services, but alot are still in use, it'll vary with your area.

 011 - international dialing prefix
 211 - coin refund operator
 411 - directory assistance
 611 - repair service
 811 - business office

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