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         /////       **                                         M      \\\\\\ 
         \\\\\       **           Bell Hell Volume #2  METAL!   E      ////// 
         /////       **                                KICKS!   T      \\\\\\ 
         \\\\\  ************        By: The Dutchman            A  C   ////// 
         /////   Neon**Knights                       -Wired     L  O   \\\\\\ 
         \\\\\       **                                            M   ////// 
         /////       **       Thanx to: Baby Demon & The Metallian M   \\\\\\ 
         \\\\\       **                                            U   ////// 
         /////       **  Call These Genocidal Systems...           N   \\\\\\ 
         \\\\\       **                                            I   ////// 
         /////  /\/\etalland 1  10mgs/AE/BBS/Cat-Fur[503]538-0761  C   \\\\\\ 
         \\\\\  /\/\etalland ][ AE/Cat-Fur Line.....[503]253-5300  A   ////// 
         /////  The /\/\etal AE PW: KILL............[201]879-6668  T   \\\\\\ 
         \\\\\  The Cheese ][   10mgs/AE/BBS/Cat-Fur[409]696-7983  I   ////// 
         /////  Milliways       10mgs BBS...........[609]921-1994  O   \\\\\\ 
         \\\\\  7 Gates of Hell BBS.................[415]697-1320  N   ////// 
         /////  The Mordor AE   1200bps/Cat-Fur/10mg[201]528-6467  S   \\\\\\ 

In vol. I we discussed some of the minor aspects of bell hell. Now we shall
enter the realm of serious bell hell, including how to crush AT&T's firm grip
on the wired industry and Ma's underground passages.

In order to make things easier for her employees, Ma has given us not only
free access to almost all her treasures but guides next to them to help us
along the way. One of the more common boxes found are the ones located either
at the end of your street, in an adjacent field or on telephone poles. Any of
these boxes contains all the lines for the surrounding neighbourhood. Ma
usually supplys a code for the wires inside on the side of the door to one of
these boxes, if not the code usually goes like this:

               Red  (ring-) = Ring line, allows others to call you
             Green  (tip+)  = Calling out line, for you to call others

Ma has conveniently located these, the red on the right and the green on the
left. If you run into one of these boxes and it's locked then you'll need to
purchase is either a 1/2" crowbar or an 7/16" hex driver, prefferably the
latter. In order to use the 7/16, simply give a 1/8" turn counter clockwise,
presto you are in. The crowbar is self explanatory I believe. 

The other, and less likely to be found of the bell underground network is just
that, the underground network. To find one of these simply look for a manhole
cover with a bell in the middle instead of an S or what-ever you sanitary
dept. might use. The aspects and entry of these will be discussed later in
this article, now to the boxes.

Now that you are in one of these boxes there is a rather interesting list of
prospects you can do, connect a linesmans handset, connect a box, or eavesdrop
to name a few, here's some of the ways to do the following.

Hell #1:

In order to make a linesmans handset (if not included within the newly found
box) you'll need a few things:

              1 a phone (prefferably a GTE flip fone or a slimline)
              2 a spliceing knife (any knife will do, the sharper the better)
              3 a set of alligator clamps (if not already within the box)

Now take your knife and cut off all the wires and the modular jack (if one)
saving the red (ring-) and green (tip+) wires. Now attach the alligator clips,
one to the red and one to the green, and your set. All you need do is attach
the alligator clips to the designated colors on the box (red - red/green -
green) and you have essentially become an extension of that line.

Hell #2:

Finally a place where you can use that box of yours with minimal worries of
being caught (the only way would be to get caught red-handed). Ah yes, bell
hell at one of its finer points. Commonly it takes Ma about a month or so to
figure out the trip on this one.

If you are unfamilar with boxes, the black box allows others to call you free
where-as the blue box allows you to use operator lines and even become one of
the bitches (become an operator). For more info I would suggest consulting
black/blue box plans.

Use the normal plans for a black/blue box and make the following

                 (1) SPST SWITCH (found at your local Trash Shack)
                 (1) 10K OHM 1/2 WATT 10% RESISTOR (same as above)
                     SOME EXTRA WIRE (same as above above)

Now disconnect the green wire in the box and connect it to one of the two
poles on the SPST switch. Take a piece of your extra wire connect one end to
the other pole on your SPST switch and the other end to the <RR> terminal. Now
place the 10k ohm resistor between the <RR> terminal and the <FF> terminal.
Connect it (the 10k ohm resistor) via wire to the two. The <RR> terminal
should have a green wire going to it and the <FF> terminal should have a white
and blue wire connected to it. Your finished product should look something
like this:

                  :S P S T:
                   ::   ::
  -----GREEN WIRE--::   ::----<RR>
                            10K OHM
     -----WHITE WIRE-----------\\
------BLUE WIRE-----------------<FF>

This is simply the basic wiring, if you decide to become one with advancement
you might try hooking up lights to go on when your online or perhaps a
recorder, what-ever you wish.

Hell #3

There are many various ways to accomplish this, seeing how I like to stick to
basics I will describe what I feel is the easiest by far. First you need to
make a linesmans handset as mentioned above if you already haven't. Now simply
disconnect the sending end (the end you talk through) and listen in. From here
you can accomplish several various tasks. If you are into blackmail you can
hook up a tape recorder (if you want to do this you can leave me a msg. or
wait for another file later, its rather a long task) or you may simply hold
the recorder to the listening end of the phone. To find out about the line
etc. You can do a couple of things, first you can dial your ANI (automatic
number identification) and find out the line you are on, after this call, you
are a local CN/A (described below) and run a check on who's line it is etc.
This can bring all kinds of hell for those not-so-trustworthy wifes/husbands.

More Hell:

You can set up a conference call simply by dialing your conference operator
(0-700-456-1000) and setting it up, just do what she says. I suggest this
operator for her lines are superior to those of the bitchy PBX ones. Oh,
you'll also need to know that lines person, address etc. Just pull an ANI and
then an CN/A on it.

If you have an urge to get back at someone simply attach your linesmans
handset to the persons line (fine their line as mentioned many times before)
and leave it off the hook. You can imagine just how long it could take Ma's
loyal employees to discover the problem. Possibly weeks if not a month.

Using the persons line to call computer systems that trace. This also goes
under the heading 'getting back at people' for the hassles you'll cause them
when the line is traced to them is numerous, bitchy Ma employees tend to be
irrational, spoiled children when it comes to busting people.

Bugging the operator - self explanatory.

                        RAISE HELL

/Insider/ - The rest of this doc is mainly explanations, a little hell and a
few other things I decided to throw in instead of making another Vol.. It's
true purpose is to coincide with Vol. I, as well as take up space, the rest is

       800 EXTENDERS

Basically, 800 extenders are much like Save-Net or Am-Net going 800 instead of
local access numbers. With this one you can call anywhere in the U.S. for
free, of course you need the X digit code, but this is easily found. You use
these just like you would if you were using Save-Net, i.e. you would dial
1-800-XXX-XXXX, then enter in your X digit code and then the area code + the
number you wish to reach, i.e. 1800521167429125036358443, as you can see there
is an 800 number followed by a 4 digit code followed by a number wished to be
reached. Here's a few 800 extenders, theres many many more:

1-800-                                  1-800-
-------                                 -------
245-4890 4 DIGITS                       327-6713  4 DIGITS
243-7650 6 DIGITS                       328-7112  4 DIGITS
654-8494 6 DIGITS                       327-9895  7 DIGITS
327-9136 4 DIGITS                       227-3414  4 DIGITS
682-4000 6 DIGITS                       343-1844  4 DIGITS
858-9000 3 DIGITS                       521-1674  4 DIGITS
537-3511 8 DIGITS                       843-0698  9 dIGITS


Loop numbers simply connect two people together using two different numbers.
Thus these numbers always come in pairs, one being the higher one while the
other being the lower one. So if you were to use one, you would call one of
the pair and the other one would call the other one (you take the high road
I'll take the low road). Loop numbers are equal in quality as calling direct,
thus it would be the same quality as you would get calling your neighbour. If
you would happen to call a loop number and no one was on the other end one of
two things would happen, if you called the higher of the two you would here
silence, if you dialed the lower you would get a 1000 hertz tone. Heres a list
of some loop numbers:

 Area Code 212
      XXX-9979 (HIGH)
      XXX-9977 (LOW)

XXX= 690,534,569,432,868,255,228,677,982,466,926,220,586,524,283

     XXX-9906 (HIGH)
     XXX-9900 (LOW)

XXX= 529,352,439,388

Where you see XXX you enter the prefix desired, thus if you wanted area code
212, you could choose a prefix say 690, so one person would dial 690-9906 and
the other 690-9900.

In order to scan for loop numbers you'll need a friend to help. Loop numbers
run in pairs, the combination is 00XX and XX99. So what you need is for one
person to scan one end while the other scans the upper (using the same
prefix). The hang side has no tone while the other gives off a 1000hz tone.

To use a loop number in order to start a conference call simply have one
person get on the hangside while another calls the conferenceing operator (PBX
operator will do). The person calling the operator (hopefully from a fortress
phone) should charge the call to the upper loop number (the one the other
person isn't on), when the operator calls to verify she'll get your freind,
who of course will accept all charges gladly.

    Customer name and address

  A CN/A operator is disagnated for the use of AT&T employees who need some
information on a certain person. Ex- A Bell cop got a persons name from a nark
or whatever, he needs more info about the person so he calls up the CN/A
operator and asks her for the persons where abouts. Ma has been nice enough to
grant these operators the knowledge of a few more things (Ma's slip up), such
as their phone number. Thus we can call up one of these operators, say,'Hi, my
names Joe Rodrequiz and I'm from the Lake Oswego Bell customer service
department, I need the following info on a 'Jack Suchos'.' Then you become
really nice and ask if you can have that persons phone number so you don't
have to go over there. Since these operators are human, and are easily conned
and are very informed they'll give you just about whatever you need to know.
However you must be polite and business like. Following is a list of CN/A's,
to use it, find your area code and the CN/A operators number will follow:

 ----------   ---------------
 201            201-676-7070
 202            301-384-9820
 203            203-789-6815
 204            204-949-0900
 205            205-988-7000
 206            206-382-8000
 207            617-787-2750
 208            303-399-4200
 209            415-546-1341
 212            518-471-8111
 213            213-501-4144
 214            214-948-5731
 215            412-633-5600
 216            614-464-2345
 217            217-525-7000
 218            402-345-0600
 219            317-265-4834
 301            301-534-1168
 302            412-633-5600
 303            303-399-4200
 304            304-344-8041
 305            912-784-9111
 306            NONE....NONE
 307            303-399-4200
 308            402-345-0600
 309            217-525-7000
 312            312-796-9600
 313            313-223-8690
 314            314-726-7142
 315            518-471-8111
 316            816-275-2782
 317            317-265-4834
 318            318-227-1551
 319            402-345-0600
 401            617-787-2760
 402            402-345-0600
 403            403-425-2652
 404            912-784-9111
 405            405-236-6121
 406            303-399-4200
 408            415-546-1132
 412            412-633-5600
 413            617=787-2760
 414            608-252-6932
 415            415-546-1132
 416            416-922-6686
 417            314-726-7142
 418            514-861-2635
 419            614-464-2345
 501            405-236-6121
 502            502-583-2861
 503            203-784-6815
 504            504-245-5330
 505            303-399-4200
 506            506-657-3855
 507            402-345-0600
 509            206=382-8000
 512            512-828-2501
 513            714-464-2345
 514            514-861-2635
 515            402-345-0600
 516            518-471-8111
 517            313-223-8690
 518            518-471-8000
 519            416-922-6686
 601            601-961-0877
 602            303-399-4200
 603            617-787-2750
 604            604-432-2996
 605            402-345-0600
 606            502-583-2681
 607            518-471-8111
 608            608-252-6932
 609            201-676-7070
 612            402-345-0600
 613            416-922-6686
 614            614-464-2345
 615            615-373-5791
 616            313-223-8690
 617            617-787-2750
 618            217-525-7000
 701            402-345-0600
 702            415-546-1341
 703            804-747-1411
 704            912-784-9111
 705            416-922-6686
 707            415-546-1132
 709            NONE....NONE
 712            402-345-0600
 713            713-820-4112
 714            213-501-4144
 715            608-252-6932
 716            518-471-8111
 717            412-633-5600
 801            303-399-4200
 802            617-787-2750
 803            912-784-9111
 804            804-747-1411
 805            415-546-1341
 806            512-828-2501
 807            416-922-6686
 808            212-334-4336
 809            LIST BELOW
 812            317-265-4834
 813            813-223-9678
 814            412-633-5600
 815            217-525-7000
 816            816-275-2782
 817            214-948-5731
 819            514-861-2635
 901            615-373-5791
 902            902-421-4110
 903            NONE....NONE
 904            912-784-9111
 906            313-223-8690
 907            NONE....NONE
 912            912-784-9111
 913            816-275-2782
 914            518-471-8111
 915            512-828-2501
 916            415-546-1341
 918            405-236-6121
 919            912-784-9111

 900+(DIAL-IT) NUMBERS: 212-334-3611


 Downloaded From P-80 Systems 304-744-2253