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      -  sir francis drake  -


    *	     phreaking	         *
     *	      tutorial	       *

what is phreaking?

phreaking involves ripping off ma bell
and other phone companies such as mci
and gte.this can be done in a variety
of ways.phreaking is almost 100%
illegal,but has that ever stopped any-

how do you phreak?

there are 3 basic ways to phuck the
phone companies:

1.colored boxing.(blue,purple,etc.)
2.using sprint,mci without paying.
3."tricks of the trade"

colored boxing

a pushbutton phone works by emmiting
tones of different
changing the frequencies you can do
some intresting stuff.phreaks have
realized this and have built devices
called boxes.there are many types of
boxes here is a list of a few...

types of boxes

color			  function
-----			  --------
blue - all calls for the price of local

purple- all calls free!

silver- free calls, uses them!

fuzz box - makes sound of coin dropped

cheese box-makes calls untracable

for more information send e-mail to

f}sir francis

what are boxes continued

most of the above boxes work by making
differnt tones for each key.i have
the plans for:blue,silver,gree,brown
boxes if you want them send e-mail.

how do you phreak with sprint?

 since the break up of att cheaper
phone companies such as:

gte sprint

and many more..

until january 1st to use these services
you call the local acssess number and
then type in a 5 or 6 digit
can get programs that will call mci
,sprint,or whatever and try consecutive
numbers until it gets fight
against this the companys use 2 things.

1.they have dummy numbers that you thin
k work but when you call using it
they trace you!

2.they change the numbers randomly
eveery week or less,so you cant use
a number to long!

here are some access numbers you can
try hacking...

access numbers

metrophone-(415) 579-6001
itt-(415) 858-2750
mci-(415) 495-2640
sprint-(415) 348-7700

future developments

after january first,the date the att
break up starts,all hell will break
loose because the reginal companies
will not no what the fuck to do!
who will profit from this?



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