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Written: CAT-TRAX
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  Ý The Phreaker's HandBook
  Ý       Written by:  Cat-Trax ÅThe "White-Collar Criminal
  Ý       Typed by:    Cat-Trax                                         
  Ý                     Copywrong (X) May, 1985                        
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[ Definitions ]

Phreak    ["free"k]  Verb--1. The act of "Phreaking"  2. The act of making telephone calls without paying money [Slang]
Phreaker  ["free"-k-er]  Noun--1. One who engages in the act of "Phreaking"2. One who makes telephone calls without paying money [Slang]
[ Introduction ]
     Phreaking is a method used by most intelligent people Åmost often thosewho use a computer and a Modulator-Demodulator (MoDem)³.  If you happen to resemble the major mass of people who do not have the income to afford large
phone bills then phreaking is for you.  If you live in an area with anElectronic Switching System [ESS] then phreaking is something which should be done in moderate amounts.
[ Switching Systems ]
Three types of switching systems are present in the United States today:
               [1] Step by Step
               [2] Crossbar
               [3] ESS  ÅElectronic Switching System
                         <] Step by Step [>
First switching system used in America, adopted in 1918 and until 1978 Bell had over 53% of all exchanges using Step by Step [SxS].  A long, and confusing train of switches is used for SxS switching.
                         [> Disadvantages <][
   [A] The switch train may become jammed : Blocking call.
   [B] No DTMF [Dual-Tone Multi-Frequency]["Touch-tone"].
   [C] Much maintanance and much electricity.
   [D] Everything is hardwired
                        +> Identification
   [A] No pulsing digits ater dialing or DTMF.
   [B] Phone Company sounds like many typewriters.
   [C] No:  Speed calling, Call forwarding, and other services.
   [D] Pay-phone wants money first before dial-tone.
                           <] Crossbar [>
Crossbar has been Bell's primary switcher after 1960.  Three types of Crossbar
switching exist:  Number 1 Crossbar [1XB], Number 4 Crossbar [4XB], and Number5 Crossbar [5XB].  A switching matrix is used for all the phones in an area.When someone calls, the route is determined and is met up with the othr phone.
The matrix is set-up in horizontal and vertical paths.  There are no definite distinguishing features of Crossbar switching.
                              <] ESS [>
You probably were hoping I wouldn't talk about this nightmare, if you did youwill know why everyone doesn't want to be reminded about Bell's holocaust on
America.  With ESS Bell knows:  every digit dialed Åincluding mistakes!³, whoyou call, when you called, how long you were connected, and in some cases,what you talked about!  Yes, this is the closest anyone has come to true Totalitarianism.  ESS is programmed to print out the numbers of people who make excessive calls to WATS numbers [Wide Area Telephone Service][1-800 numbers]or directory assistance.  This deadly trap is called "800 Exceptional CallingReport."  ESS can be programmed to print logs of who called certain numbers. Electronic Switching System makes the job of the FBI, Bell Security ÅTheGestapo in phreakin' tongue³, NSA, and other organizations which like to invade
our privacy, extremely easy!  Tracing is done in microseconds, and the resultsare printed out on the monitor of a Gestapo officer.  ESS can also pick upforeign tones on the line, like 2600 Hz. Åused in blue boxes, discussed later³Bell claims that the entire country will be plagued by ESS by the 1990's!
                           +> Identification <+
   [A] Dialing 911 for emergencies.
   [B] Dial-tone first for pay-phones.
   [C] Calling services, like:  Call forwarding, Speed dialing, Call waiting.
   [D] ANI [Automatic Number Identification] for long-distance calls.
[[[Note]]]  of the above identifications of the three switching systems, do not solely rely on these descriptions, the best way to find outis to [no!] call your local telephone company.
[ Long-Distance Services ]
To attempt to help the community Åand for private business³ companies developedways to lessen the costs of long-distance calling charges.  The companies owntheir own switching systems and use extenders for callers to call.  The way[
extenders operate:  1] Customer calls service, 2] He/she hears a low tone whichsounds like a dial-tone, 3] She/he either dials the access code then the phone
number, or dials the phone number then the access code, 4] Is connected to whatever he/she calls.  Aside from Ma Bells collection, the customer recieves abill for calls made with his/her long-distance company Åa supposedly cheaperbill than Ma Bell's³.  Thought:  Hey, I could randomly pick access codes anduse them to call whatever area the company services!  Righto, that's what basicphreaking is!  A wise idea, though, is to have many access codes and many service numbers to rotate throughout your average life as a phreaker.  To aid in your quest to beat the system I have provided many 1-800 numbers whichanyone can call, aside from local numbers, such as Sprint, or MCI.  The reason
for providing you with WATS nummbers is because all of us aren't in a big citywhere Sprint or MCI even exist, this way everyone can pheak!  A way to findmore access codes is by using your old modem.  Yes, your modem can imitate DTMF
  Å>Procedure:  1)  dial 1-800  +  service number
                2)  dial access code->area code->phone number, or
                3)  dial area code->phone number->access code
\/           -=+>Cat-Trax' list of WATS [1-800] numbers:<+=-                 \/
  Number---Code Length...
  =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- 547-6754        6          245-4890    4   327-6713      4
243-7650        6          328-7112    4   654-8494      6
327-9895        7          327-9136    4   227-3414      4
682-4000        6          343-1844    4   858-9000      3
462-6471        5          322-1415    6   521-1674      4
527-3511        8          321-0327    4   321-0845      6
843-0698        9          221-8190    4   543-7168      8
521-8400        8          327-2731    6   252-5879      8
345-0008        7          245-7508    5   526-5305      8
323-3027        6          242-1122    ?   621-1506      ?  
621-4611        ?          325-3075    ?   336-6000      ?
221-1950        ?          323-8126    ?   325-7222      6?
[[[Note]]]  remember to dial 1-800-above number, also remember to rotatenumbers and access codes.
[ Colored Boxes ]
A more shrewd, technological, safer Åwithout ESS³ way to phreak is with a piece of hardware known as a ________ Box.  Boxes are many different colors ÅI don't know ALL the colors because it seems like every time I turn around there's some
new color out!³.  Colors I have heard of:  Blue, Black, Red,White, Silver,Clear, and MANY, MANY more...  Plans for making these boxes can be obtained bycalling different boards [BBS's], AE lines, or whatever.  But!, if you havean
Apple Cat modem then do I have good news for ->you<-!!  The Apple Cat modemcan emulate the frequencies Åusually 2600 Hz.³ made by ________ Boxes with the help of a handy little program called "Cat's Meow!"
::Warning!::  Phreak at your own risk!  Stiff laws are starting to pop-up nowdays.  But, if you're careful then don't worry!  I haven't been busted yet!Heck [Hack!], what would life be without risks?
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