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                                                ³  Filename: FONEMODS.TXT³
                                                ³ Title: Quick Fone Mods ³
                                                ³     By: Captain Hack   ³
                                                ÆÍÍÍÍÍÍ Make
        sure the switch is in the OFF (open) position to talk. To go on hold,
        flip the switch.

5. Full MUTE:
        The big reason the person you are eavesdropping on with an extension
        that you're holding down the mute button on can tell you're there is
        the static. The reason for the static is the momentary button that
        mutes the fone never has a solid connection, cause you push on it
        with different levels of pressure. To get around this, get an SPST
        switch, and if your fone already has a mute button, just take it out
        and replace it with the switch, and resolder the wires. If it doesn't
        have a mute button, just putting it across the wires to the mic
        BEFORE THE WIRES GET TO THE MIC should do the same thing. When you
        add the switch before the mic, and throw it, the electrons choose the
        shortest path they can find, which is thru the switch, rather that
        hoofing it all the way over to the mic. The mic is cut off, and then
        the listening party can't hear you AS WELL. There wil still be a
        click even if you flip the switch before you take the fone off hook,
        but it won't be very noticable. And the others won't be able to hear
        anything you say.

a bad connection, and static. The 3 volts spreads itself
        out along the line, and helps hold it up. Get it?
        I don't really know if this is illegal, but telco is NOT happy when
        customers start messing with the line voltage. I don't know that
        they'd do much to ya, tho.

2. High-quality recordings:
        Go to Radio Hack, and get a 2 conductor, 1/8" phono jack, like on
        a walkman. Drill a mounting hole in your fone and mount it. Connect
        each of the terminals to one of the leads on your speaker, so it's
        in parallel with the speaker. Now, with a wire that has 1/8" plugs
        on both sides, you can plug the fone into the input jack of a tape
        recorder or soemthing similar to that. I like to plug the thing into
        the mic jack of a micro cassette recorder, so when I make calls with
        my beige box, I can record them...especially that time I called the
        fone sex on my nieghbors line...that was cool...Sorry. Anyway, you
        can also plug a set of speakers (like off your sound card) in so that
        all your friends can hear the fun. You could put it to the mic jack
        of your soundcard and make WAVs of your friends saying how they'd
        love to do some chick in the ass, and then call her and play it.
        Be creative!

3. Musical hold-- the easy way:
        I haven't tried this yet, but that's cause I can't find my beige box
        here at the Hack household. This is JUST like the output above (2),
        but wire the jack to the mic instead of the speaker. Now, plug the
        wire into your sound blaster or your walkman or your stereo or sumtin.
        When you wanna put your call on musical hold, MAKE SURE THE MUSIC IS
        PLAYING. I think that's vital, as that's what'll keep the voltage
        present. Now, you can plug the wire into your fone, and when you hear
        the music, you can hang up. The line should be held open. Again, note
        that I haven't tried this yet, but it should work just fine. You can
        also plug it into the speaker jack of your sound card to play back
        the wave of your pal that you recorded above...

4. Plain Hold:
        You can get much more basic than this. Somewhere between the wall
        and the fone, maybe at the base of the fone unit, or just inside the
        fone, strip the Ring and Tip. Put an SPST switch across them.