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 ThE  Beige BoX                                Writen By: RiP

Ok... a Beige box is probobly one of the most easy phreaking tools to make. 
What you Need:

a Phone
a phone cord
2 aligator clips (should be red and green but it really doesn't matter)
optional - phone jack and extra double wire (should be red and green)
Socket wrench (for use after you build it)

All you basicly hafta do is make the Ring and tip (Red and Green) that are on
the cord atached the the fone come out as aligator clips. You can do this
simply by splicing the phone wire and ataching the gator clips the the red
and green, then plug the other end into the phone and you have a Beige box!!!
Another way you can do it is Plug the phone line into the phone and the other
and into a jack. then put one end of the double wire onto the Red and Green
end of the jack, and aligator clips on the other end. 

I'll try to draw it but don't expect it to be good =P
      |         |
      |    a   |
      |         |
green  ||
line -->||
        c|| <---Red line
         /\ /\d

b=jack on phone
c=phone line
d=aligator clips

okay... now that you've built your Beige box it's time to have some phun!!!
here's what ya do... look around your town for an out-put device. 
it will be a green box, probobly with a sticker on it with the name of the
company and tell you to call them before digging there or some stupid shit
like that.
Finding them is easy... it's finding one with a good hiding spot around it
thats the hard
 part.. Look for one with bushes around it to hide in or somewhere that you
think no one would see you. all you need to get into it is a socket wrench
(usualy 7/16). then you get into it all the wires will be paired off....
usualy all different colors. find a pair of wires and crimp the aligator
clips on them... you could strip the wires but thats a pain in the ass, just
push real hard on the clips and they'll cut through. 
There's another kind of box you can find on roads that are hella-phun... but
usualy on a main road somewhere and too obvious. but I've found one that
wasn't and used it.... here's how they work. there are 2 big doors on it that
open with a socket wrench. then on one of the doors you will see 2 big bolts
that stick out, they will have a wire attached to it and a little metal clip
that looks like a staple remover. put the aligator clips on the bolts and use
the clip that is attached to it to tap the lines. in front of you, you will
see a shitload of button-looking things that stick out. they are usualy color
coded. what you need to do it plug the clip on two of these things... then
you have a line!!! the great thing is, you can just keep plugging into
different ones with no hassle!! (actualy it's for line men but it makes it
easyer on us phreakers....hehehe). 

Shit to do while Beige Boxing:

Fucking with people
If you just want to fuck with people then find someone with call waiting....
these are always fun cause you can call a # and hang up for a sec.. then pick
the phone up... push a bunch of buttons... hang up the phone again and it
will start ringing!!!! then when the owners of the phone pick up the phone
you can just listin to them fight over who called who... this is also fun to
do with phycic 900#'s and Porn lines cause the people on the other end can't
hang up!!! and the owner of the phone can't hang up because your keeping the
line open!!! MUHUAHAhahaha!!!!! Another phun thing to do is get 2 Beige boxes
and call someone collect from one line... then except it from the other line
with them listining!! make the collect call from "Whats his fuck". hehehe. 

Phree calls
Also if you just need to call phriends or whatever this is a good way to do
it.... but if you just need to call someone I recomend a Redbox for that (see
my Redbox construction kit for intructions on that.... even comes with the
tones in wav format!!!)

Screwing people over
if you find the line to someone you don't like then you could probobly get
them in a LOT of trouble for shit they didn't do...hehehe. Like call the
operator up and mess with her... prank call the FBI/Police station/911. try
to Card somthing really expensive from there line to there house...hehehe. 

Self expalitory... eaves drop on someone and you might find some info worth
of blackmail...MUHUHUHahaHahahaha.

Eaves droping
Like I really need to explain this procedure =P

Blue boxing
See a phile on Blue boxing for that... it's good cause it's not from your
line and you don't get caught.

I really don't recomend that you cut anyone's line from a terminal with the
big doors cause they will just fix it the next day AND put a lock on it =/.
Yes... I speak from past exprience.. but it's usualy ont of those long locks
that are easy to break off =). 

Have phun and DON'T GET CAUGHT!!!!!

Disclaimer: it's not my fuckin fault if you get caught... this is for
informational porpouses only bla bla bla. 

By: RiP.. this was not takin out of any other phreaking zip or cook book etc.
yes.. I really did write it!! 

    ___________ _____    _________  ________       ____________  _____
   /|                  \          | /|                |/              \   / |
\|          |  |           |
  / |                   \         |/ |         ____|                 \/  |
|          |  |           |
 |  |         |          |         |  |         |_|_          |          |  |
|          |  |           |
 |  |         |          |         |  |              |         |          |
|           |_____/ |          |_|           |
 |  |           ____ /|        |  |         ___|                    |  |
|           |                        |
 |  |                   \|        |  |         |_|__                    | |
|_____  |           _            |
 |  |         |          |        |  |               |         |           |
|           |         \|          |  |           |
 |  |         |          |        |_|_________|        |            | |
|          |  |           |
 |  |                   /|                    |  |           / \           |
|                     |         |  |            |
 |  |__________/  |___________|  |______/   \______|  |___________/_____|
 | /__________/  |/___________/_/_____/    /_____/_/__________/_/_____/

-[ASCii by BLeAcH BiG]-