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                              The Mickey Mouse Club


                  The M.M.C. Guide to Hacking, Phreaking, Carding

                                By: The Dark Lord

      This is a text file is made by The Mickey Mouse Club and we ask
 that it would be distibuted to others for their use.  This file is going to
 go into depth on how to hack, phreak, and card.  There will be information
 that should help everyone, hopefully!!

      Hacking is a long hard process, unless you get lucky.  There are many
 programs and aids out to make the job a lot easier, but the concept is
 the same no matter how you use it.  First, at least on most things that you
 hack, you need to get some type of account or vacancy, etc...  This is done
 by randomly entering numbers and or letters until you come up with the
 proper combination to find the account.  Knowing the size of the account
 number makes this job one-hundred times easier.  Thats why I suggest you
 find out from someone who allready has one or card one.  By carding the
 account, it will die quickly but at least it will give you the length
 of the account numbers (More on that topic will be expained in the carding
 section).  The accound numbers, do not always just contain numbers or have
 numbers at all in it.  If it has a mix, it makes it a hell of a lot harder
 to get.  You will just have to experiment to find out what charactors are
 contained in the account.  Some Examples of ones that do have mixes of
 numbers and letters would be Pc Persuit accounts.  The forms of them are
 usuall as such:

            Account: Pgp014764g
            Password: 23632k

     It looks from these that you are pretty much screw because of the way
 letters are mixed with numbers, thats what makes having a program so much
 easier.  In a lot of circumstances, getting the account is the hardest part
 that is why having a good background of the system is a major plus in your
     Once you have got the account, it is time to get the password for this
 account.  Once again having the length and such makes this process not only
 easier, but faster.  just keep entering random passwords of the length or
 the thought length in until you get a stoke of luck and get it.  You MUST
 remember that 99.5 out of 100 times, this is a long process, and you have
 to have patience.  If you don't you might as well forget ever getting on
 to the system or have someone else do it for you.  Once you have gotten
 the password, look it over long and hard.  Write it down and keep it,
 examine it.  99% of the time there is a pattern to all the account
 passwords.  Things to look at is the password in reference to the account
 number.  check to see if things have been added to the end or beginning
 like 00 or 01 or 99 of 0010 thing like that.  If you see no relations,
 the only other way to really find out the pattern in to get another one.
 Look at both of them together, see if there the same or it account 400's
 password is 3456 and 402's password is 3458 (they go in order) then just
 those as a reference to other passwords, take away so much from accounts
 with a lower number and add the required amounts to accounts with a higher
 number, etc....  But bassicly, LOOK FOR A PATTERN!  Once you have got the
 password and the account, you have got yourself a passage way in.
     Although this is what you do to succeed, you have to take
 many precautions.  They do NOT like us messing with the system and they
 obviously want you to pay just like the others, so they will take necessary
 means to nail you.  They trace like you wouldn't belive.  They will trace
 right as you get on, if you happen to be unlucky, you will never know when
 they are doing it either, you must ALWAYS be aware of the dangers and take
 precautions!!!  Even on things that you wouldn't think that they would trace
 you but, be carfull.  Whether they trace depends on a couple of things, here
 are a few major ones:

     1. There bank balance
     2. There desire to catch you
     3. The amount of infestation in there system

    There are things that you can do to protect yourself, these are not all
    of them and none of them are sure fire ways, but hey, cutting down your
    chances of getting caught makes a world of difference, because remember,
    All the fun is taken away if you caught.  Some things to do to protect
    yourself is:

     1. Use a diverter
     2. Use false information about you
     3. Never stay On-line too long
     4. Call during late or early hours, were there is most likely no one
     monitoring the system
     5. Don't call frequently or during the same hours, regulate it

    Once again these are not all of them but these are some of the "More"
 helpfull things.  If you follow all the step, you can reduce the change of
 getting caught by about 40%.
    If you do get caught there is not a whole lot that you can do, but some
 tips are, first, don't reveal any information on what you have done. Deny
 all charges.  Sencond, plea bargin with knowladge of things, like hacked
 sytems etc..  But never admit that you did it.  Three, and most important,
 get a GOOD LAWYER!!!!!!!


    Pc Persuit     Cp\m

     These are just a few systems, if I made a complete list There would
 be pratically no end to it, there are millions.


     Phreaking, Ahhhwwww, the wonderfull world of phreaking.  Well to start
 with Phreaking is "The use of Telecommunications to others besides people
 of the Phone Company".  Well thats my version of the definition at least.
     Using codes is wuit easy, there are different parts to it, the Dial-up,
 the code, and the number.  First you will have to dial in the dial-up and
 on most dial ups you will get a tone or a buzz or click or something to
 that effect.  Once you hear this, and you will know when you hear it you
 dial in the code.  Sometime you will get another tone or beep etc. and when
 you do that is when you dial in the number.  If you do not get another tone
 or whatever you just dial in the number right after you enter the code.
 You might have to have a test dial up to see how the tones go.
     In dialing the number once agian the nubers differ.  You must enter the
 area code and then the nuber.  Some require that you have a one before the
 area code but most that I have used do not.  You can tell if the code worked
 right after the number has been put in not just by the error recording that
 you get but if right off the bat the phone begins to ring, it doesn't work.
     A code can also be busy.  If it is busy it could mean that the code is
 dead or that too many people are using it at once.  You might experiance
 this often.
     There are numbers that make phreaking much safer, they are called
 diverters.  What the do is when the number that you have dial is being
 traced it diverts it to that number.  Unless this is virgin or nobody else
 uses it, you will find that with in a couple of days after it is out, it
 will be busy, that is the annoyance about diverters, and they are also hard
 to get.
     Hacking is also put into play in phreaking by using programs to get
 dial ups and the codes.  Getting these are done in the same way you hack
 anything else.   Just get a program like code thief or code hacker, or make
 one yourself, it is quite easy.
     There is a danger with useing the codes.  If you hack a code yourself,
 not just the code but the dial up amd no one else has it you can pretty well
 bet that it is safe.  A newly hacked dial-up/code is considered "Virgin".
 those Ma bell is not having the problem with people phreaking off of it
 so they don't bother doing anything with it.  But after a while, it will
 either Die (No Longer work) or they will start tracing off of it.  The
 whole pain about it is, is you will never positively no when they started
 doing traces or things like that.  The codes might be being traced but you
 are getting the luck of the draw.  On most codes they don't trace on every
 call, they just file it away and watch for like the 50th or 100th caller
 and then that person gets nailed.  You might think if they do trace every
 100 calls, that means you have a 1 in 100 chance of getting caught and those
 are really good odds.  Well the odd is 100 to 1 but the is a lot of people
 that live in areas that they can call with that code.  If you figure about
 10 million people could use it then about 100,000 of them are.  100,000,
 hummmmmmm, how odes your odds look now.  In a couple minute time spand
 99 peoplecould have used it, and lucky you might be the 100th caller.  A
 lot of times the take like every hundered calls and then when they get the
 100th caller, that don't just trace one, they trace 100, 101, 102, 103, 104
 200, 201, 202 etc.  So you chances of getting caught when the heat is on
 the code is pretty good.  There are a couple different types of codes and
 the two major ones are 1-800's and 950's.  800's can pretty much be dialed
 from anywhere in the states, but 950's stay in certain areas.  Some 950
 dial ups are:


     And there are others, but like take me for example, where I live you
 cannot use 9500266.  It will tell you that you cannot use that number from
 your dialing range or it just won't work.  You might get to the point where
 the dial-up works but not the code.  If this is the case it will say:
             "Invalid authorization Code"

     Some examples of 1-800's are as follows:


     There are many others but those are just a few, very few.  There are
 also 1-800's and others that will send you directly to the operator, you
 must tell her the code and the number you are dialing.  These are NEVER
 safe to use.  but in one case they are alot better.  I am out of town a lot
 so I have to use pay phones right?  Well, you are safe with anything with
 pay phones, so that is a good way to call people.  The real good thing
 them though, is since you must go throught th operator, the codes stay valid
 for up to 10 times as long as the others.  But thenm again another draw back
 is it is not a line that you want to give real names or numbers over.
 Because these are often tapped, since the operator know that you used the
 code, they will listen in quite often, and you will never even notice.
 Another problem experianced with them is if you are what MMC calls
                          "Petite Flowers",
 our home made word for, someone that sounds like a little kid, then they
 really give you a hastle about using the code.
     I have had a lot of people ask me if the person you are calling with the
 codes can get busted.  The answer is "No".  They cannot do anything to the
 person, just ask him who is calling him with the codes, and they rarely do
 that.  Just let the person you are talking to, if they don't already know,
 not to tell anyone that you are calling with the codes.  The phone
 companies do have to option of setting up a trace on that persons line and
 bust you when you do call him with a code.  I have never seen this done but
 do be aware that the phone companies are made up of intellegent adults and
 they are very smart and can and will nail you in many ways.
     I am a firm beliver that you should share a the information that you
 other phreakers and hackers as they should do the same with you.  I also
 see an execption, inexperianced people.  They can run it for everyone be not
 have the knowladge and screwing up.  I realize that they need someway to
 build themselves up to a good phreaker but be cautions in what you give to
     Codes die really often and you really have to keep up with the phone
 company.  Its kinda of a pain to keep up with it on your own as quickly as
 they work but thats why there is phreaking communities and groups such
 as Fhp and MMC, the gives the edge to the phreakers in the way that, you
 have help in keeping up with the phone companies, and in most cases if
 the groups or communities are working well together, you can eve stay
 one step ahead of good 'ole Ma bell and others.  You really need to find
 ways of getting codes either from getting acess to the phreaking sections
 on the pirate boards you call or throught friends, Vmb's Loops, Confrences,
 etc., just try to find a good connection to people that are into phreaking


     Well thats about it for now, there should be a BIG newsletter by
 The Mickey Mouse Club comming out soon that you have to be sure NOT to miss.
 I sincerely hope that you have gotten alot out of this file and I would like
 to ask for suggestions and ideas to make MMC a better orginazation.  At this
 time myself and Cardiac Arresst have a VMB at:

                1-800-444-7207 [Ext] 4001.

     All ideas and suggestions, please bring there.  Also, since your making
 the trip anyways, bring along some phreaking codes and all and any types
 of accounts.  I would be greatly appreciated by:

    The Mickey Mouse Club.


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