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In 1884,  meridian time personnel met

 in Washington to change Earth time.

First words said was that only 1 day

could be used on Earth to not change

 the 1 day bible. So they applied the 1

day  and  ignored  the  other  3 days.

The bible time was wrong then and it

 proved wrong today. This a major lie

  has so much evil feed from it's wrong.

No man on Earth has no belly-button,

  it proves every believer on Earth a liar.


Children will be blessed for

Killing Of Educated Adults

Who Ignore 4 Simultaneous

 Days Same Earth Rotation.

Practicing  Evil  ONEness -

Upon Earth Of  Quadrants.

 Evil Adult Crime VS Youth.

  Supports Lie Of Integration.

  1 Educated Are Most Dumb.

  Not 1 Human Except Dead 1.

  Man Is Paired,  2 Half 4 Self.

  1 of God Is Only 1/4 Of God.                         

   Bible A Lie & Word Is Lies.

   Navel Connects 4 Corner 4s.

  God Is Born Of A Mother –

   She Left Belly B. Signature.

Every Priest Has Ma Sign

  But Lies To Honor Queers.

Belly B. Proves 4 Corners.


Your dirty lying teachers

use only the midnight to

midnight 1 day (ignoring

3 other days) Time to not

foul (already wrong) bible

   time. Lie that corrupts earth

you educated stupid fools.


GoBelly-Button  Logic Works.


When   Do  Teenagers  Die?

Adults Eat Teenagers Alive,

 No Record  Of  Their Death.

  Father Son Image, Not Gods.

 Every Man Born Of Woman.



Belly-Button Is the Signature

Of  Your Personal Creator -

I Believe Her Name Mama.


Pastor Told His Flock That

God Created All Of Them -

   Truth Was That They All had

Mama Made Belly Buttons,

Church Was Full Of Liars.


       Earth Has 4 Days In Same 24      Hrs., 1 Day God Was Wrong. 

Einstein  Was  ONEist  Brain.

Try  My  Belly-Button  Logic.

      No God Knows About 4 Days,     It  Is  Evil  To  Ignore 4 Days,

Does Your Teacher Know ?


Fraudulent ONEness of religious

academia has retarded your opposite

rationale brain to a half brain slave.
























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I am a Knower of 4 corner
simultaneous 24 hour Days
that occur within a single
4 corner rotation of Earth.

God guise for Queer
scam, enslaves 4 Day

cube brain as  ONEist.

Vilify teachers - for

Queers swindle Tithe

from 1 Day Retarded


Till You KNOW 4 Simultaneous Days
Rotate In Same 24 Hours Of Earth
You Don't Deserve To Live On Earth


Americans are actually RETARDED from

 Religious Academia taught ONEism -upon

an Earth of opposite poles, covered by Mama

Hole and Papa Pole pulsating opposite sexes.

The ONEist educated with their flawed 1 eye

perspective (opposite eyes overlay) Cyclops

 mentality, inflicts static non pulsating logos

as a fictitious queer same sex transformation.


It Is The Absolute Verifiable Truth & Proven Fact
That Your Belly-Button Signature Ties
To Viviparous Mama.


Life is pulsing opposite mirror Pairs,

Death is ONEness of Godism.



Until you can tear and burn the bible to
escape the EVIL ONE, it will be impossible
for your educated stupid brain to know that
4 different corner harmonic 24 hour Days
rotate simultaneously within a single 4
quadrant rotation of a squared equator
and cubed Earth. The Solar system, the
Universe, the Earth and all humans are
composed of + 0 - antipodes, and equal
to nothing if added as a ONE or Entity.
All Creation occurs between Opposites.
Academic ONEism destroys  +0- brain.
If you would acknowledge
simple existing math proof
that 4 harmonic corner days
rotate simultaneously around
squared equator and cubed
Earth, proving 4 Days, Not
1Day,1Self,1Earth or 1God
that exists only as anti-side.
This page you see - cannot
exist without its anti-side
existence, as +0- antipodes.
Add +0- as One = nothing.
Seek Awesome Lectures,

We have a Major Problem,
Creation is Cubic Opposites,
2 Major Corners & 2 Minor.
Mom/Dad & Son/Daughter,
NOT taught Evil ONEism,
which  VOIDS Families.
Seek Wisdom of Cubic Life
Intelligence - or you die evil.
 Evil God Believers refuse to
acknowledge  4 corner Days
rotating simultaneously around
4 quadrant created Earth -
in only 1 rotation, voiding the
Oneism Evil  1 Day 1 God.
You worship Satanic impostor
guised by educators as 1 god.

No 1 God equals 4 - 24 hour
Days Rotating Simultaneously
within 1- 24 hour Rotation of
 4 quadrant created Earth.
Ignoring 4 Corner Earth Days
will Destroy Evil Humanity.
I am organizing Children to
join "Cubic Army of 4 Days"
to convert Evil 1 Day Adults
to 4 Day mentality existence,
to serve perpetual humanity.

"Nothing on Earth more Evil
than a human educated as 1,
when composed of opposites
that cancel out as an entity."
In fact, man is the only 1 Evil,
and will soon erase himself by
ignoring Cubic 4 Day Creation.
If a Man cannot tear a page
from the bible and burn it -
then he cannot be a scientist,
or participate in Symposium -
to measure Cubing of Earth
with Cubic intelligence wiser
than any man or god known.
Educators have destroyed the
human analytical brain to a
single perspective, in spite of
all creation within  Universe
being based upon opposites,
binaries & antipodes, including
Sun/Earth binary relative to the

 human male/female binary. No
 ancient insignificant dead 1 Jew
 godism can match or exceed the
enormity of the Sun/Earth
Binary. His heart is not big
enough for sharing with the
vastness of created opposites.
1 has no heart beat or breath,
constituting death of opposites.
God in Human form has human

 limits as body controls activity.
You are taught Evil, You act
Evil, You are the Evil on Earth.
Only your comprehending the
Divinity of Cubic Creation will
your soul be saved from your
created hell on Earth - induced
by your ignoring the existing
4 corner harmonic simultaneous
 4 Days rotating in a single cycle
of the Earth sphere. Religious/
Academic Pedants cannot allow
4 Days that contradict 1Day 1God.
Educators destroy your brain,
but you don't know, so why care?

Creation ocurrs via opposites,
but Religious/Academia pedants
suppress it teaching Satanic One.

After 30 years of research, I now
possess the Order of Harmonic
Antipodal Cubic Divinity Life -
too large for physical form, but
Binary Spirit of the masculinity
Sun & feminity Earth Antipodes.
ONEism is demonic Death Math.
I have so much to teach you, but
you ignore me you evil asses.
You will recognize 4 corner Days
or incur Easter Island Ending.

Never a Genius knew Math
to achieve my Cubic Wisdom.
Cubic thought Reigns as the
Highest Intelligence possible
on the planet Earth. One 96
hour rotating Cube within a
single rotation of Earth -- is
an Ineffable Transcendence.
Bible and Science falsify 1
corner day for the Cubic 4
corner Days rotating daily.
A single god is not possible
in our 4 Day Cubic Science,
that equates Cubic Divinity.
Everybody is both stupid and
evil for ignoring the 4 days.
Cube Divinity transcends all
knowledge, Humans can't
escape 4 corner Cubic Life.
Fools worship mechanics of
language - while they wallow
in fictitious & deceitful word.
Exact science based on Cubics,
not on theories. Wisdom is
Cubic testing of knowledge.
Academia is progression of
Ignorance.   No god equals
Simultaneous 4 Day Creation.
Humans ignore their 4 corner
stages of life metamorphosis.
This site is a collection of data
for a coming book - peruse it.
No human has 2 hands as they
are opposites, like plus and
minus, that cancel as entity.
Academia destroys your brain,
your ability to think opposite.
The eyes of the flounder fish
were relocated, why were yours

 relocated? Your opposite eyes
were moved to 1 corner to overlay
for single perspective, but that
corrupts your Opposite Brain.

Education and Religion
severely diminishes your
intelligence and mentality,
instituting ONEness Evil,
You are educated stupid -
and you have no inkling to
just how EVIL you think.

Seek in haste to attend a
lecture by Dr. Gene Ray,
Cubic and Wisest Human -
His Wisdom is Awesome.
For Cumming, GA 30041 Lecture,
email: [email protected]
Both Cubic Thinkers and SnotBrains were
born with opposite brains, capable of math
analysis to know most everything.    The
Religious/Academic Oneness Brotherhood
destroys the Brain's ability to think opposite
of singularity trash taught.   Such reduced
Brain intelligence begets the student a
tag of SnotBrain android - encapable of
comprehending absolute proof of 4 Days
rotating simultaneously within a single
rotation of Earth. Cubics comprehend it.
You are a Cubic Thinker, or SnotBrain.
You SnotBrains will know
hell for ignoring TimeCube.
I do not promote or suggest
anyone killing you, but you
are unfit to live on Earth.
Binary Life Force is more
Powerful than ONE God -
especially the ole dead Jew,
for which you've denounced
your own mother and father.
1 side brain can't reason
without the opposite side.
Americans are so dumb,
educated stupid and evil,
they have snot for brain.
Believers have snot brain.
Educated have snot brain.
God worship only needs
a snot brain, but it takes
Opposite Brain Analysis
to know Harmonic Life.
The masculinity Sun and
femininity Earth - form
a Binary of Harmonic
Opposites  at Center of
Universe - Greater than
either Sun or the Earth,
debunking all fictitious
Oneism Gods taught by
religious/academic Word
Animals. The invention of
fictitious WORD inflicts
humans as Word Animals
- the dumbest and most
Educated stupid and Evil
animal to inhabit Earth
and the Universe. Watch
for Giant Erasor as there
is a great danger of the
human Word Animal being
self-erased.   You cannot
comprehend the actual 4

 simultaneous days in single
rotation of Earth, as 1 day
1 God ONEism blocks the
ability to think opposite of
the ONEism crap taught.
Education destroys brain.

Dr. Gene Ray, Cubic and Wisest Human

Gene Ray interview by Lionel on Air America Radio,
The Lionel Show - 10am, Friday, August 3, 2007

Creation is the Harmonics of Opposites -
Opposites are the Harmonics of Creation.
God entity is queer sex, or no opposite sex.
God Oners must ban all sex with Opposites.
Trinity of males degrade female opposites.
Sex okay for atheist, but not God Oneists.
Opposite hemispheres equate planets to a
Giant Brain, that has 4 faces, but no limbs.
Adults create baby, baby evolves to adult.
No 1 God can create a planet of opposites,
which equate to a zero value existence, and
cancels to nothing as an entity in death.
"Cubic Time" - Cubes
Earth, Life and Truth
TIME CUBE (corner = vertical edge)
Word God is Bad Math


Earth has 4 days simultaneously each rotation. You erroneously measure time from 1 corner. Earth body 4 corner time equals 4 leg mobility. Your ignorance of Harmonic Cube is demonic.
Dr Gene Ray is the
Greatest Philosopher,
and is the Greatest
Here is a cube manufactured from metal, in similar likeness to Time Cube
Cubic Harmonics
Only Cubic Harmonics can save
humanity. Cubic Harmonics
will pacify all religions.

96-hour Cubic Day
debunks 1-day unnatural god.
96-hour Cubic Day
debunks 1-day as witchcraft.

96-hour day willdisprove disunity
god. Academians are teaching -

Worshipping a Word God
will destroy the USA.


Ignore Cubic Math at your
own peril, and of humanity.

You have a god like brain -
parallel opposite & analytical,
wasted if you believe in ONE.

Dr Gene Ray, Cubic and Wisest Human (at left). Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day 4-Corner Time Cube (right). Image by R. Janczarski
(Dr Gene Ray, Cubic and Wisest Human, depicted in image above)

The primary purpose for
Education is not Subject
matter, but subservience
to accept any crap taught
without opposing thought,
destroying opposite brain
to be submissive android.
You're taught to be stupid.

Dr. Gene Ray, Cubic & Wisest Human

in 1 Earth rotation.

 Cubic Creation of 4 corner
separate simultaneous 24
hour Days within 1 Earth
rotation - transcends and
contradicts the 1 Day
rotation/1 God Creation
of Christianity - and all
ONEism / Singularity
religions - proving them
to constitute Evil on Earth
for the parallel Opposites.

Hey - got a death threat
from Temporal Phoenix
last night, saying that the
big ole boys that make the
world go round, are going
to wipe me off the Earth.
They can't allow the Time
Cube Principle to continue.

Opposites Create, not God,
who equates queer creator
and masturbation creation
of Evil Oneness Educators.
Oneism equates to evil lie,
and Death for Opposites
of Hemispheres and Sexes.

Wikipedia claim that the
Time Cube is non-science
constitutes a Grave error
by the half-brain bastard
who can't think opposite
of the lies he was taught.

I was born to think Cubic
as in a 4 corner family life,
therefore I rise above you.
You are educated Stupid,
You are educated Evil ---
You will ignore message
& attack the messenger.
Man invented his God in
man's character - Stupid
Oneism and Singularity
in Universe of Opposites.

You worship an evil god
who allows babies to starve
to death while you gorge?

God BELIEF succumbs to
The Cubic Law of Nature.
Opposite sex organs prove
male & female to be binary
opposites equal zero value,
and nothing as unified one.
You are educated ENTITY
STUPID for all Creation is
composed of Opposites ----
which equate to Zero value
existence - and cancels out
to nothing if unified as one.
Before Word was invented,
no God existed upon Earth.
Truth cannot be uttered so
that's why I am writing it.


Earth, Life, and Truth ---
contradicts 1 Day Gods,
  and ineffable by human.
Nature enforces a LAW
against God existence.
No god equals 4 corner
simultaneous days in a
single rotation of Earth.
No god equals 4 corner
stages of metamorphic
rotating humanity - as a
baby, child, parent and
grandparent evolution.

 Cubic Creation Wisdom
 empowers me above all
  the 1 day gods on Earth.

  Jew owners of religious/
 academic christianity --
  have enslaved your ass,
and you are too stupid
 to know you are a slave
to plunder profiteers of
Earth's Cubic Nature.

  What queer mentality you
have --- to worship an old
dead Jew as God/Creator.

NO God creates himself --
and besides that, he is also
composed of opposites that
contradicts entity creation.
No God can even exist in
our Universe of Opposites.
Opposites transcend Entity.
Entity equals cancellation
--- the death of Opposites.

  Evil Educated "Singularity"
Stupid - ignores the Cubic
Wisdom of Wisest Human
and The Greatest Thinker.

No human or god can match
Nature's simultaneous 4 day
rotation in 1 Earth rotation.

No human has a right to
believe wrong  -  for that
would  be  evil  thinking.

Ignorance of 4 days is evil,
Evil educators teach 1 day.
1 day will destroy humans.

Mother and father gave me birth, not a queer jew god.

Singularity god is EVIL as
Creation reigns as Opposite.
Educators, and You - ought
to be killed for ignoring the
fact that "Earth is Cubed".
(ignored and suppressed by EVIL educators)

NASA's Moon Landing was
far less of an achievement
than Time Cube discovery,
for I have Cubed the Earth,
with 4 simultaneous corner
days in 1 rotation of Earth.
(singularity belief scientist can't comprehend T.O.E.)

academic taught singularity
constitute great evils in the
Cubic World of Opposites -
Opposites hemispheres and
Opposite sexes of humanity.
The  Universe  is composed
of Opposites - existing only
as Opposites  -  with a zero
value existence - cancelling
to nothing as a singularity.

I think Cubic,  therefore I
rise above the singularity
mentality human and the
false gods they worship -
discovering a Universe of
Opposites their education
will never allow them to
know.   Evil of believing
is not measuring and the
result of not measuring -
is never knowing Truth,
ineffable by man or god.

Gene Ray, Cubic and Wise Above Gods

Cubicism, Not group theory.
If ignorant of the almighty
Time Cube Creation Truth,
you  deserve  to  be  killed.
Killing you is not immoral -
but justified to save life on
Earth for future generations.
Academic taught singularity
within universe of opposites,
has lobotomized your mind.
You are Enslaved by Word -
no whip or shackle required.
You do not have the freedom
to discuss/debate Time Cube.
Academia destroys your mind
by suppressing opposite view.
God equals self masturbation
of mind - for opposites create.
You are educated singularities.
in the  Universe of Opposites.
No God  Can Make  Himself
as singularity is death, not life.
Planets nor human are entities
as they equal Zero Opposites.
You are educated singularity
stupid and evil, unfit for life
in the Universe of Opposites.
occur simultaneously with a
baby birth - with a potential
for creating opposite sexes -
existing only as opposites &
a zero value existence - that
cancel to naught as an entity.
Santa & God debase women
as if non-existing opposites.
How evil unto their mothers.
Singularity educators are evil
bastards unfit to live on Earth,
for they create evil students -
totally ignorant of Time Cube.
Educator evil is to ignore Time
Cube until forgotten - or I die.
Singularity educators are evil
bastards justified to be killed.
Ignorant of Nature's Harmonic
4 Day Time Cube Creation, the
Americans are Dumb, Educated
Singularity Stupid and Evil. It's
not immoral to kill Americans
sex parents who Created them,
but instead worship a queer
jew who claims to make people
out of dirt - when the body is 90
percent water. A God so stupid
that he claims only a single day
rotation of Earth - while my
Cubic Wisdom has allowed me
to create 4 simultaneous days
within a single Earth rotation.
Americans do not deserve life.
They live only for today, the
evil singularity word bastards.


Singularity "education"
inflicts a dog brain upon
Students  -  ability to be
taught  servitude  -  but
an inability to ever think
opposite of brainwashing
and indoctrination - very
unlikely  to  ever  recover
to acknowledge Nature's
Harmonic Simultaneous
Rotating 4 Corner 24 Hr.
Days in 1 Earth Rotation.

Dr. Gene Ray, Cubic and Wise Above God.
Cubic Nature is Omnific,
Infinite, Ineffable and
on Harmonic duty today.

Singularity has no God
within "The Universe of
Opposite Corner Life" -
opposite hemispheres
and opposite sexes - by
which all Earth life exist.
For as long as you dumbass,
educated stupid and evil
bastards IGNORE Cubic
Creation, your sons and
daughters deserve to die
and be maimed in foreign
lands - while killing innocent
women and children. Keep
ignoring me you evil asses
and observe the slaughter of
your children protecting the
oil barons ripping off their
families back home. The
enemy is back home, not
in foreign lands. Ignore me
& keep counting the dead sons.
Creation occurs via opposites.
Singularity is the death math
of religious/academic Godism.
Earth Opposites should split
apart - and cascade molten
lava upon God Worshippers,
for they are the evil on Earth.
If god is your father, your mother is a whore.
Opposite Creation vs evil god entity.
He who speaks, preaches, teaches, condones
or practices SINGULARITY - an evil that
equates DEATH by cancellation of universal
OPPOSITES - hemispheres, sexes, seasons,
races, temperatures, marriages and divided
cell (the human Cubic who rotates a 4 corner
stage family rotating metamorphic lifetime) -
should have their evil lying tongue cut out.
Educators are lying bastards.
-1 x -1= +1 is WRONG, it is
academic stupidity and is evil.
The educated stupid should acknowledge
the natural antipodes of+1 x +1 = +1and
-1 x -1 = -1 exist as plus and minus values
of opposite creation - depicted by opposite
sexes and opposite hemispheres. Entity is
death worship - for it cancels opposites.
I have invested 30 years of my life and over
1/4 millions dollars researching Nature's 4 -
simultaneous 24 hour days within a single
rotation of Earth. Religious/Academic word
taught singularity is contradicted as evil lies
by the simple math of the Cube's Opposite
Corners - the most perfect symmetry within
the Universe.  Academic SINGULARITY
is a contradiction to the opposite sexes, the
opposite hemispheres and to the universe of
opposites that exist as a zero value existence.
The academic taught singularity/entity is but
poison fed the human populace - slow death.
I can say that educators "eat shit" and they
only cower and hide, doing nothing that will
induce debate, that will indict them as evil.
Americans will die SINGULARITY stupid,
their brain lobotomized by EVIL educators.
Neither EARTH or HUMAN
exist as entities, but opposites.
Earth is composed of opposite hemispheres
which rotate in opposite directions - equal
to a zero value existence (plus & minus). As
entity, the opposite hemispheres cancel out.
Earth exist as 4 - 90 degree opposite corner
quadrants, but not as a 360 degree circle.
Earth is Cubic opposites, nothing as circle.
A singularity inflicted scholar  has not the
mentality,  freedom  or  guts  to know that
academia is a Trojan Horse mind control.
Singularity brotherhood owns your brain,
destroying your ability to think Cubicism.
Evil academia blocks out Time Cube site
and suppresses its discussion and debate.
You are an educated singularity idiot who
can stupidly deny Nature's Harmonic 4
simultaneous 24 hour days within a single
rotation of Earth, or even make parody of
the Cubic Creation Principle - but your
mental ability to comprehend thegreatest
social and scientific discovery of all human
existence has been lobotomized by the evil
academic singularity bastards hired to
destroy your ability to think opposite. You
cannot comprehend Opposite Creation.
Religous/academic taught singularity is the
reduction of the human mind to android.
The half of Earth seen from
space, cannot exist without
the opposite half not seen...
existing as opposite values.
Earth entity does not exist -
for it is composed of opposite
hemispheres which rotate in
opposite directions - equating
to a zero value existence, and
to nothing as a "singularity".
You were educated to live an
evil lie - and your heirs will
suffer hell for your stupidity.
The entity you seek is death.
Educators teach assumed math, but are too
damn dumb, stupid and evil to know that
until Word is cornered, Math is fictitious.
Academic/Religious Word is a fictitious
Trojan Horse and the most efficient form
of human enslavement ever concocted by
"Singularity Brotherhood of Bastardism".
I INVOKE a CURSE upon the educators
that their students will awake from their
academic induced stupor & seek revenge.
You are evil to believe in the
singularity concept of a God,
for the whole Universe and
everthing within is composed
of Opposites - which exists
only as Opposites with a zero
value existence - and nothing
as an entity.  When adults go
to heaven, children still living
on Earth will burn in the hell
that adults created for them.
Love of God is hate for child.
Schools teach religious evil.
YOU are a Cubic Creature,
Opposites  create  Opposites.
 Educated Singularity stupid,
empowering evil way of life.
Religious / academic taught
Singularity is Evil & Murder.
Academia has enslaved you
as a Word Animal - kneel,
you educated stupid jackass.
I can lead you to 4 Wisdom,
but I can't free your brain
from the evil of singularity.

Academia teaches evil android singularity,
displacing families with today's androids,
passive, subsmissive, subservient &stupid.
Religion is an evil singularity brotherhood
contradicted by the simultaneous 4 corner
24 hour days in a single rotation of Earth,
and the 4 corner stages of a human lifetime.
Opposite sexes equate a zero value existence.
Family tribal/village are bodies of opposites.
Religion/academia teach evil of singularity.
Teaching singularity equals death by Word.
Opposite sexes created you.
Ignorance of the Time Cube, Life Cube &
Ineffable Truth Cube, indicts you Stupid.
Ignoring Cubic Creation indicts you evil.
Singularity God impossible.
Wikipedia allowing the educated stupid
to evaluate the 4 simultaneous 24 hr. days
within a single rotation of Earth, equates
allowing atheist to proof-read the bible.
Dr. Gene Ray ---  is the only authoritative
Time Cube expert, at
Dr. Gene Ray offers Wikipedia $10,000.00
to disprove math that 1 rotation of 4 Earth
quadrants within the 4 quarter Harmonic
Time Cube does  create  4 simultaneous
24 hr. days. Both Americans & Wikipedia
are evil to deny or ignore Cubic Creation.
Is Wikipedia a Singularity Brotherhood
controlled Trojan Horse indoctrination -
that edits Time Cube to a negative view?
Who edits the Time Cube on Wikipedia?
It is evil for Coryoth to edit  Time Cube.
Will I get reply or will the Wisest Human
just be ignored until  silenced by death?
Religious Singularity is evil,
Academic Singularity is evil.
Singularity is damnable lie,
Educators altered your mind,
You cannot think opposite of
what you were taught to think.
You have a cyclop perspective
and taught android mentality =
lobotomized analytical ability.
Educated singularity stupid -
You can't think4 corner days.
4 Earth Quadrants simultaneously rotate
inside 4 Time Cube Quarters to create 4
- 24 hour days within one Earth rotation.
 This simple ignored math indicts you evil.
 Demand evil educators explain Cubicism,
 or allow me to come teach Cube Creation.
No man, nation or God equal
Cube symmetry of opposites.
Mathematically impossible for a Genius
or any God to match my Cubic Wisdom.
Educators fear me, they cower and run.
6 sides constitutes a sextet -- not a Cube.
Teaching that a Cube has '6 sides' with
no top & bottom, induces an evil curse
that pervades all academic institutions.
Opposites create Opposites.
Mom & Dad opposites create son & daughter opposites.
Opposite Creators required,
Depicted by Earth's opposite hemispheres.
Singularity God impossible.
Opposites  de-god  Religion.
Opposites create the universe.
Opposites compose the Earth.
Opposites compose humanity.
Opposites create your body.
Opposites de-god academia.
Opposites de-god singularity
taught by religious/academia.
I can call singularity educators the most
putrid name on Earth and claim they eat
cow-dung ambrosia,  but the lying ass
bastards will not even object - for they
know I am right and that any debate will
indict them for the evil they perpetuate
against the students and future humanity.
Scientists know Time Cube,
but any scientist supporting
the 4 simultaneous days in a
single rotation of Earth, will
be fired and banned for life
from academic institutions.
Scientists are evil cowards
and  should be castrated
for obscurantism of the 4
simultaneous days within
a single rotation of Earth.
Average people understand
4 Day Creation when I tell
them about it, but scientist
can't accept it, for the evil
bastards think singularity.
Singularity can't procreate,
a feat requiring opposites.
Bible Word is a singularity.
You are taught singularity.
Singularity is death worship
and damnation of humanity.
No God equals the 4 corner
simultaneous 24 hour days
within single Earth rotation.
The universe and all within
it is composed of opposites.
Religious/academic taught
singularity is queer as 1 sex.
Believing is not knowing -
but evil that ignores facts.
Santa vital to Christmas -
No Santa - no Christmas.
Why credit Santa LIE with
gifts that parents buy their
children? It bribes the child
mind to accept false Santa
spirit and false god spirit
deceit associated with it.
Santa Claus and Christmas
must be indicted deceits
that destroys child mind.
God is but an adult Santa
extension of child Santa -
equating evil singularity -
unnatural as 1 pole Earth.
Earth has not 2 poles, but
opposite poles that cancel
each other out - if added.
6 side Cube is Evil math,
ignoring its top & bottom.
-1 x -1 = +1 is Evil math,
as +1 and -1 are antipodes
equating a zero existence.
3 Dimensions is erroneous
math without a 4th corner
perspective dimension. If
ever allowed, Cubic debate
will indict evil singularity
as damnation of humanity.
Believers are Evil - for not
measuring. Result of belief is
dyingstupid -you can know.
Singularity education begets evil,
for you were born as an opposite,
between opposite sexes & the
opposite Earth poles. You are
educated as a stupid android
slave to the evil Word Animal
Singularity Brotherhood. Your
analytical mind is lobotomized
and you cannot think opposite
of lies you are taught to think.
You build the hell 'they'teach.
  Dr.Gene Ray, Cubic and Wisest Human

You have opposite brains to think
opposite, but Big Brother icepick
academic lobotomy has destroyed
your mentality to think opposite of
the evil singularity you are taught.
The 4 days is above your godism
and you don't even want to know.
Universe is composed of opposite
hemispheres and opposite sexes -
equating to + / -, a zero existence,
depicted by Pyramid's bare coffer.
Your 1Day God Makes You Evil.
4 Corner Days Are Absolute, but
ignored by stupid/evil educators.
Until cornered, word is fictitious.
God is product of fictitious word.
4Day Cube Disproves 1Day God
All creation within the universe is composed of
opposite hemispheres and opposite sexes - with
opposite races, opposite seasons, opposite luck,
opposite directions and opposite perspectives -
equating a harmonic rotating zero value existence.
"To know all, is to know nothing".
You must attack the word bastards who preach
and teach evil godism and racism singularity lies,
for any singularity brotherhood is mental slavery
that desecrates family, village and tribal opposites.
Americans are dumbass, educated stupid and evil
singularity fools.  I will wager $10,000.00 that
within the Cubic embodiment of Nature, there are
4 simultaneous 24 hour days within a single rotation

of Earth. Acknowledge the math below or go to hell.
4 Day Cube disproves 1 Day God.

1-Midday to midday = a 24 hour day rotation.
2-Sundown to sundown = a 24 hour day rotation.
3-Midnight to midnight = a 24 hour day rotation.
4-Sunup to sunup = a 24 hour day rotation.

4 Day math condemns 1 Day fools.
These 4 absolute simultaneous days PROVES the
1 day god, 1day academia, 1 day religion and the
1 day media to be erroneous, fictitious and evil lies.
Education equates to a mass icepick lobotomy -
destroying the mind's ability to think as opposites.

All 4/24 hour days occur within 1 Earth rotation.
You educated stupid word animals can't fathom
this greatest social and scientific math of creation.

God claimed to have created a single day
rotation of Earth.  I have created simultaneous
4 day rotation of Earth. Why do you worship
such a stupid God?  Do you really believe that
your Jew God screwed a hole in the ground to
create Adam and Eve out of dirt, at the same
time that woman existed in the nation of NOD,
Nation of Damsels from where Cain got wife?
Adam and Eve were created at the same time,
but sexless. A rib was removed from eve and
a hole left to make a woman of her. The rib
was stuck on Adam to make a man of him -
and Eve is still trying to get her rib back.

Recognition and application of this Cubic
simultaneous 4 day rotation of Earth,
will change all math, science and societies
from the beginning of human existence.
You have to be evil to ignore this math.

1-Midday to midday is a 24 hour rotation.
2-Sundown to sundown is a 24 hour rotation.
3-Midnight to midnight is a 24 hour rotation.
4-Sunup to sunup is a 24 hour rotation.

4 Earth corners rotate 4 Time corners -
for 4 simultaneous day rotation of Earth -
equating the principle of a 4 pole motor.
Academic bastards will deny the obvious.
Americans are EVIL for ignoring Cubicism.
Acknowledge the 4 days or you die evil.
Do not pass this point without the 4 days.
Dr. Gene Ray, will be interviewed on
[email protected], at 8pm on
Friday 7,  about Time Cube discovery -
greatest discovery of human existence.

Humans are evil to worship
singularity of 1day education,
ignoring Nature's Harmonic
Cubic Antipodal Creation.
Academic singularity is as
evil as God singularity evil.
You have not the mentality
to comprehend the simple math of Cubic
antipode creation, for at about age 6, your
parents gave your 2 opposite antipode brains
to Big Brother academic hirelings, to clone
  thought to serve evil singularity brotherhood -
destroying Cubic families, villages and tribes.
Creation is by opposites, opposite hemispheres
and opposite sexes - not queer singularity.
You've been educated stupid
by "Big Brother" singularity.
Singularity God is evil belief.
Cubic antipode creation debunks singularity.
Cube is the most perfect form of opposites.
Opposite hemispheres equate opposite cubes.
Opposite sex cubes equate to a crap-shoot.
Your God claimed to have created a single
day rotation of Earth.    I offer absolute
proof that I have created 4 simultaneous
24 hour days within a single rotation of
Earth.  You worship "Evil Singularity",
equating you to a "singularity bastard".
Why do you worship a queer 1 day God?
Are you content as a singularity queer?
Einstein was singularity stupid,
and you are singularity stupid.
"Born Cubic, THINK CUBIC",
you rotate a 4 corner stage life.
Singularity educated humans
are not intelligent.
The universe does not exist,
except as opposites - with a
zero value existence.     Add
the opposites together and
the universe ceases to exist.

All humans are created and
exist between the opposites
of male and female values.
Add the opposites together
and humans cease to exist.
A single God is death and
constitutes evil worship.
I am flabbergasted that the
"big brother" hired pedants
can brainwash and indoctrinate
the powerful antipode human
mind to ignore the simple math
of 4 simultaneous 24 hour days
within a single rotation of Earth,
to worship one and trash three.
(Deliberately withholding CUBIC KNOWLEDGE)
No human "entity" exists.
Cube is opposite perfection.
Singularity is death worship.

you are educated singularity
stupid by academic bastards.
Greenwich 1 day time is evil.
Can you explain the 4 days
rather than the 1 day taught?
If not, you are truely stupid.
To ignore the 4 days, is evil.
Can you tear and burn the bible, which
represents Biblistic Selfnic Bastardism -
contradicted by Cubic Creation of Family
and Village Tribal Perpetual Bodies. If
not, you are self-indicted as DUMB and
totally ignorant of Nature's Cubic Life.
I possess data, with proof,
that will absolutely blow the
lid off the present civilization.
If the United States buries 80,000 tons of
nuclear waste inside Mother Earth, for our
children to inherit, then Americans will be
the most evil bastards to ever inhabit a planet.
A proper burial spot for nuclear waste is under
academic institutions and in Washington D.C..
Dr. Gene Ray, the Wisest Human,
lectured on his Time Cube discovery at
Georgia Tech, on April 14 at 7 pm.
Opposites ARE NOT entities.
Earth nor human equal entity.
Male/female = zero existence,
as in 2 opposite hemispheres.
Male+female cancel each out.
My Cubic Wisdom debunks 1 sex gods.
The  male god singularity and same sex
trinity equates denouncing motherhood
and supporting a state of queers - with
a price of HIV devastating life on Earth.
Faith IS NOT knowledge,
but evil of not measuring.
Apply analytical math to Earth sphere
and discover 2 opposite hemispheres
rotating in opposite directions - equal
to a ZERO value existence.  Earth is
not an entity, for adding the opposite
values cancel each other to no existence.
All the universe exist as opposite values.
Academic and religious taught stupid
SINGULARITY is greatest of all evil, as
even humans are created via opposites.
Evil academic bastards who preach
singularity and block Cubic Creation
debate, should be nailed to the cross.
Your future is your plundered past.
Today, you have the opportunity to
make tomorrow better than yesterday.
To do less, is a crime against children.
Believers are ignorant of Cubic Creation
and will be destroyed by their own word.
All Creation occurs between Opposites.
On Earth between opposite hemispheres,
and for humans, opposites sexes. The 2
opposite sexes equate to 2 separate Cubes,
as if dice of femininity and masculinity -
equating Human Life to a Crap-Shoot
chance of exciting lifetime possibilities.
Academic and religious taught singularity
creation deserves a coming horrific hell.

I have demonstrated absolute proof
of "Cubic Creation", through its
attributes of 4 simultaneous 24 hour
days within a single rotation of Earth.

I have $10,000.00 that I will
wager that Cubicism transcends
and disproves Theism Creation.

Also, proof that humans are Cubic
forms that rotate a 4 corner face
lifetime, not an entity as the 4 corner
stage faces do not occur at the same
time for the 1 corner face individual.
There is absolute proof that Earth is
not an entity as Earth is composed of
2 opposite hemispheres (as in plus
and minus), that would cancel each
out if unified as an entity.  There is
proof that all humans exist between
the 2 opposites of femininity and
masculinity, and would cancel each
other out if unified as academic or
religious "singularity" - equating to
stupidity and suicide for humanity.

"Why something rather than nothing?"

Between the opposites, all
things are created.  As an
entity, they exist only as a
big zero, seen from space
as something and nothing
from every possible view.

There is proof that 3 dimensional
math is erroneous, and that linear
Time is actually of a Cubic nature.
Ignoring Cubium indicts you evil.

Scholars ravage Earth's resources.
Scholars plunder America's Nature.
Nevada's 77,000 ton nuclear waste
burial should be made a monument
to Scholasticism's evil singularity -
contradicted by Cubic Created life,
relative to the Cubium dipole atom.
Time Cube is "T.O.E.", theory of everything.
Time, Life and Truth =aCubic Principle,
a natural creation of ineffable opposites.
Caltechprofessorspractice obscurantism
and can not ever allow Time Cube Debate -
for it will indict the word bastards as evil.
They can't argue it, their power is to ignore -
and that's why students must demand debate.
Word is most efficient form of enslavement.
You have been educated singularity stupid.
You have been educated in singularity evil.
Self singularityis cursed form of humanity.
Do you care to know that Cubic Creation
debunks the Word God and Word World of
the educated stupid human Word Animal?
Evil educators suppress
student free speech right
to debate Cubic Creation.
Evil students don't object.
Cubicism debunks evil scientificsingularity.
Cubicism debunks evil religioussingularity.
Cubicism debunks evil word god singularity.
Cubicism debunks evil academic singularity.
Planets created via opposite rotating poles.
Flag depicts opposite rotating hemispheres.
Flag depicts 2 opposite side hemispheres
Creation of life occurs between 2 opposites.
You're too stupid to know opposite creation.
1 day singularity dooms Oppositehumanity.
1 god singularity dooms Opposite Creation.
Opposite Creation dooms human singularity.
There's no human entity, only corner Cubics,
rotating life's 4 corner stage metamorphosis.
4 corner head has 1 corner face, 4 face life.
Educated fools can't comprehend Cubicism.
Life is as secure as existing on a razor edge.
Apply reverse engineering to know creation.
Humans are educated stupid Word Animals,
creating a Word God and Word World, thus
inflicting singularity as mange upon Nature.
Singularity educators are unfit to even live.
Wisdom is a Cubic measure of  Knowledge.
Via Cubic Wisdom, I am the wisest human.
Mind must see Cube eyes can't comprehend.
Time Cube impose 4 corners on Earth sphere.
Earth sphere is Cubic with rounded corners.
Earth exists as2 opposite Cube hemispheres.
Humans must establish 4 corner Earth Cube.
All humans exist between2 opposite sexes.
Impossible for a human singularity to exist.
  2 opposite sex Cubes equate to crap shoot.
Religion and academia preach singularity.
Human word animals are singularity stupid.
Evil singularity dooms Opposite Creation.
YOU can't handle Cubic Time, Cubic Life
or Cubic Truth - for insideof Time Cube
equates the most magnificient symmetry
of  opposites existing within the universe -
for every corner has an equal opposite corner,
every 2 corners has an equal opposite 2
 corners, every  tri-corner has an equal
opposite tri-corner and every 4 corners has
an equal opposite 4 corners. No human or
 god can utter such powerful ineffable
opposite Cubic Truth.  God is singularity.
Evil singularity dooms Opposite Creation.


Fools know not Nature's Cubic Creation.
Children are sacrificed to deified hoax.
God image is womanless queer likeness.
No god equals harmonic 4 daycreation.
Queer science theory forced on children.
It is an evil government of evil adults to
bury 77,000 tons of nuclear waste in the
Nevada mountains as a heritage for their
children, and keep on making it. Taught
and preached cubeless SINGULARITY
equates to an evil education within the
realm of Nature's Harmonic Cubic Life.
Wisdom is Cubic testing of knowledge.
Educated cubeless stupid, you think stupid.
Why worship a dumb 1 day god when I
demonstrate 4 simultaneous 24 hour days
within a single 24 hour rotation of Earth?
Linear, singularity and trinity equate to
evil math within Nature's Cubic Creation
You are a slave - to academic
induced inculcated belief - an
insidious entity, an evil which
corrupts human mental ability
to accept creation knowledge,
as demonstrated in Cubicism.
Humans exist as CUBICS, not entities,
for the 4 corner stages of rotating human
metamorphosis do not occur at the same time
for the individual - except for family Cube.
You are educated stupid, indoctrinated evil,
and can't even acknowledge that a mother
and baby are the same age - on opposite
corners of a Cubic Creation Principle - for
Truth in Opposites contradict a god entity.
Evil educators suppressCubic Creation and
preach evil singularity to dumb students -
dispossessing students of ratiocinate mind.
WORD students serve Nature best if dead.
The hollow Time Cube in which the 4
quadrant corners of Earth rotate, equates to
your 4 corner bedroom, or to a 4 corner
classroom which represents the 4 corners
of Earth - in which stupid and evil pedants
teach dumb students 1 corner knowledge.
Each of the 4 corners of Earth is the
beginning and ending of its own separate
24 hour day - all 4 simultaneous days within
a single rotation of Earth.  Place 4 different
students in the 4 corners of a classroom and
rotate them 4 corners each. Note that they
rotate simultaneously wthin the same Time
frame as if only one is rotating - just as the
4 different days on Earth rotate. 3D math
applied within this hollow Cube would be
erroneous math, as it would not account
for the 4th corner perspective dimension.
Place a 100 people within this Cubic like
room and they will not increase the number
of corners anymore than 6 billion people on
Earth will increase the 4 corners of Earth.
It is dumb, stupid, evil and unworthy of
life on Earth to claim that this Creation
Cube has 6 sides -  or no top and bottom.
Academia equates to a deadly plague.

A mother and baby are the same age, as
a 1 day old baby has a 1 day old mother.
I am not allowed to lecture at the word animal
academic institutions, for they fear my wisdom
will expose and indict the pedant hirelings as
betrayers of dumb-ass students - the dung heads
who allow their freedom of speech to be
suppressed without a whimper, unbelieveable.
Word animals will feel the wrath of Cubic curse.
Creation of 4 simultaneous 24 hour days,
within a single rotation of Earth, empowers
me above all 1-day gods and educated stupid scientists. I will wager $10,000.00 on it.
My wisdom so antiquates known knowledge, that
a psychiatrist examining my behavior, eccentric
by his academic single corner knowledge, knows
no course other than to judge me schizoprenic. In
today's society of greed, men of word illusion are
elected to lead and wise men are condemned. You
must establish a Chair of Wisdom to empower
Wise Men over the stupid intelligentsia, or perish.
All knowledge of the human
word animal, is insignificant,
when his fictitious word world
is compared to Nature's own
Dynamic & Harmonic Time
Cube's  Creation  Principle.
God created only a single 24 hour day
rotation of Earth, while I have created
4 simultaneous 24 hour days within a
single rotation of Earth - therefore, I
am wiser than the word god, and all
word worshipers. All words are fictitious.
I will wager $10,000.00 that
Cubic Creation is almighty.
All creation on Earth exists between the 2
opposite poles, and if unified, would cancel
and cease to exist.
Humans exist only as opposites - with a
zero value, for if unified, male and female
would counter each other & cease to exist.
I have been informed that the academic
pedant hirelings are conspiring to defame
my character, as a means to discredit the
Time/Life/Truth Cube Creation Principle.
Hey stupid - are you too
dumb to know there are
4 different simultaneous
24 hour days within a
single rotation of Earth?
Greenwich 1 day is a lie.
4 quadrants = 4 corners,
and 4 different directions.
Each Earth corner rotates
own separate 24 hour day.
Infinite days is stupidity.
Wisdom=Cubic testing of knowledge.
Demand right to debate Time Cube,
or you are unworthy of life on Earth.
I can't believe that stupid ass students
allow suppression of the Time Cube.
Evil educators refuse to recognize
the wisest of humans to ever exist.
My magnificent creation of 4
simultaneous 24 hour days within
a single rotation of Earth, debunks
the puny 1-day rotation of a fake
word god and stupid educators.
Nature has no choice but to bring
forth a hell upon evil cubelessness.
Know it to be of your own making.
If I tell a human that his 4-corner
head (nose, 2 ears and back corner)
has only a 1-corner face, the dumb-
ass will say to me - "prove it". He
knows not that his face is a corner.
Google once had 89,000,000
links to Time Cube site.
 Click here to view a mass of links to Time Cube site.
 Click for Time Cube on Horology Site.
The Gene Ray Time Cube interview will
air on June 18, on TechTV "Unscrewed".
Dish TV 191, DirectTV 354, and Cable.
Academia is an accreditation of real
stupidity - deadly to all humanity.
Dumb ass teachers fear Time Cube
and will eat dung before debating it.
Dumb students are educated stupid.
Click below for stupid linear time.
 Nature's Time is Cubic and perpetual.
Linear Time is wrong and suicidal.
I have requested that the UCS, or
Union of Concerned Scientists, act
to evaluate Nature's Harmonic Time
Cube Principle of Creation - for the
welfare of children, nature and the
future of all humanity.  The dumb,
stupid and evil bastards have ignored
their obligation to their humanity
fellowship to research Time Cube,
and deserve to be spit upon publicly.
It is their moral duty to test Time
Cube, and a curse of evil if they ignore
the greatest discovery of humanity.

I have offered $10,000.00 to the evil
bastards if they disprove Time Cube.
They can't disprove it, so they hide
like yellow-belly bastards they are.
There is no human entity, just human
Cubics - as in 4 different people in a
4 corner stage metamorphic rotation -
never more than 1 corner at same time.
Cubeless education - is a deadly evil.
Cubeless educators are evil bastards.
Humans are dumb, educated stupid,
and evil.  They don't want to know
Nature's Cubic Order of Creation.
Man invented word, and calls it god.
"The Word World", imposed by the
academic institutions, is synonymous
with the Matrix's induced "Dream
World". Both are most efficient mind
 enslavers, and humans know not their
   difference from "The Cubic World",
the creation principle of all that exist.
Corruption of Word

Academic free speech is a damn lie. Try
to discuss & debate Nature's Time Cube
and your evil teachers will not allow you.
Ignorance of Time Cube dooms humans,
 inflicting their own created "word hell".
Educators are actually "evil word gods",
teaching commercial plunder of Nature.
The damn bastards suppress free speech,
 by denying Time Cube debate discussion.
Students MUST DEMAND free speech -
 for the greatest of all human discoveries:
Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4 Day
Rotating Creation Principle of Cubicism.
Educated stupid,  you can't know Truth.
Read physics of Santa Claus . Explain the
physics of a god.  Belief has no inherent
value,  but worship of such nonvalue as a
god, equates to nonacceptance of Cubic
knowledge - as demonstrated by ineffable
Truth and the Highest Order of Wisdom.
I can talk with a human for hours about
the Time Cube and they will agree with
every claim I make.  But at the end of the
conversation, they remark that they believe
in the nonvalue belief god and cannot
accept Cubic Creation, regardless of all
the ineffable Truth and Wisdom it proves.
A Belief Matrix pulls a 1 day world over
your eyes, while the real Cubic World has
4 simultaneous days in 1 Earth rotation.
Educators own your mind and fills it with
garbage, that will soon destroy humanity.

Did you see the movie Matrix?  Actually the
induced night "dream world" is synonymous
with the academic religious induced daytime
"word world" enslavement of humans. Word
has no inherent value, as it was invented as a
counterfeit and fictitious value to represent
   natural values in commerce.  Unfortunately,
human values have declined to fictitious
word values.  Unknowingly, you are living
in a "Word World",  as in a fictitious life
in a counterfeit nation - which you could
consider Matrix induced "Dream World".
Can you distinguish the academic induced
"Word World" from the natural "Real
World"?  Beware of the change when your
brain is free from induced"Word World"
enslavement - for you could find that the
natural "Real World" has been destroyed. 

    "Why not the Time Cube?"
    The only reason is educated stupidity.
    I have demonstrated absolute irrefutable
    proof of 4 simultaneous 24 hour days with
    in a single rotation of Earth. No other man
    or god can claim such Truth manifestation.
    The academic brainwashed mind is corrupt
    and can't comprehend Cubic magnificence.
    University of Michigan is a racist and
    anti-white institution - offering 20 points
    for registration, if you are not white.  It is
    already evil in that they suppress student
    free speech for discussing and debating
    Nature's Harmonic Time Cube Principle.
    Integration equates unnatural racial slop.
    Does black mentality need the 20 points to
    equate the mentality of the white race, or
    is it an evil ploy to subdue the white race?
    What anti-white force is behind this evil?
    I will not receive one educator reaction, as
    their power is in ignoring ineffable Truth.
    How can such an evil school exist in USA.
    Evil Ass Educators Suppress Time Cube,
    and dumb ass students condone such evil.
    Cubeless institutions are spreaders of evil,
     and students lack mentality to challenge it.
    I bestow upon myself the "Doctorate of
    Cubicism", for educators are ignorant of
    Nature's Harmonic Time Cube Principle
    and cannot bestow the prestigious honor
    of wisdom upon the wisest human ever.
                                               Dr. Gene Ray
    All past Great Civilizations have been
    destroyed by minorities, so welcome to
    BLACK America - the white race now
    destroyed by the power hungry money
    grabbing politicition's edict that any
    white complaint is racist and induces
    fines and jail time for white objectors.
    The U.S. Government is now antiwhite.
    Integration equates to an appeasement
    to maintain a status quo - postponing
    the inevitable horrific racial conflict.
    No law can mix night and day colors
    in  America's coming  deterioration.
    America  is but another  'Tower of
    Babble', beseiged by racial singularity.
    Force teachers to debate Time Cube site.
    Word teachers are the most evil humans.
    Religious academia represses the human
    mind of the Cubic Truth - not utterable.
    Educators and teachers, ignorant of the
    Time Cube Principle,  are evil liars and
    unfit to live in Earth's Garden of Eden.
    The bastards refuse to challenge this site,
    repressing Time Cube free speech rights.
    Students must force Time Cube debates &
    Make sure every teacher sees this web site.
    Time Cube proves a 1 face god impossible,
    due to 4 corner face metamorphic human -
    baby, child, parent and grandparent faces.
    Religious education is mindless declaration
    of ignorance,  still maintained from its
    ancient origin by dumb and evil humans.
    If you believe the academic erroneous word
    god, you will die stupid and evil - for you
    have not the mental freedom to comprehend
    Nature's Higher Order Wisdom of the
    Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day Time Cube Creation Principle within 1Earth Rotation.
    Until word is cornered, educators are liars.
    by Gene Ray, the wisest human
    Any dumb ass should know that a prime
    meridian does not just pass through the
    Greenwich point, but it also passes as a
    great circle through both poles, crossing
    the equator at 2 opposite points, dividing
    Earth into 2 halves of light and darkness,
    with each its own 24 hour rotation - in a
    single rotation of Earth. Are you aware
    that harmonic symmetry demands a
    second great circle meridian to create
    sunup and sundown corner quadrants?
    There are 4 simultaneous 24 hour days
    within a single rotation of the Earth.
    You may be too damn evil to accept it.
    Since I have informed you of Nature's
    Harmonic Time Cube 4-Day Creation
    Principle, your stupidity is no longer
    the issue.  For now, the issue is just
    how evil you are for ignoring Life's
    Highest Order, and just how long the
    Time Cube will allow you to plunder
    Earth before inflicting hell upon you.

    Your father was a fish.  You evolved
    from an egg laid in water, fertilized by
    a sperm fish swimming upstream -
    just as salmon swim up stream to
    fertilize female egg laid in the water.
    Maybe, you should worship a fish god.
    There is nothing so dumb, stupid and
    evil as a cubeless educator, except for
    their evil dumb stupid ass students.
    Evil educators teach dumb students
    how to profit from plunder of Earth
    and to create deadly nuclear waste
    that will poison the children's water
    and destroy humanity. Both educator
    and stupid student must be condemned.
    Tis Time to ban any educator who does
    not teach Cubicism above cubelessness.
    To save humanity from extinction, like
    prior civilizations perished, youth must
    redirect selfteachers, or shackle them.
    Stupid Educators know of the Truth I
    speak and know that it will indict them
    as the most evil bastards on the Earth.
    Only a dumb student can be educated -
    as in brainwashed and indoctrinated.
    Time Cube debate denial is educator evil.
    It is not immoral   for students to dispise
    educators who ignore Nature's Harmonic
    Time Cube or suppress free speech rights
    to debate  Time Cube Creation Principle.
    Ignorance of Time Cube is Greatest Evil.
    Date: Wed, 30 Oct 2002 17:54:04 EST
    From: [email protected]
    To: [email protected]

    Dear Mr. Ray-

           For a year now I have studied your Time Cube truths but have not been
    able to convince others of its reality (dumbasses). My mother is a teacher,
    and she said it was "nutty" and "stupid." But guess what- I cornered her,
    literally, in the living room one evening, and forced her to admit it.


    American teachers are sworn to fight against the truth of Time Cube.
    Transfer interrupted!
    A Devout Student of Time Cube


    Time Cube has the answer for nuclear
    waste problem.  Scientists are stupid
    asses, and ignore the Time Cube.
    Time Cube discovery makes me wiser than human/gods.  YOU were educated EVIL, &
    too dumb to know about Time Cube Creation.
    My Cubic wisdom is above 1 - day Gods
    and Scientist. Ignoring Time Cube is Evil.
    Educators are"damn liars",and most evil
    of all animals.  They do not deny the charge
    of being evil word bastards.

    There is no teacher on Earth qualified to
    teach Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-
    Day Rotating Time Cube Creation Principle,
    and therefore, there is no teacher on Earth
    worthy of being called a certified teacher.
    There is no human entity, as there are but
    human Cubics, via 4-corner metamorphosis.
    Educator ban of Time Cube free speech
    is detestable evil.  Professors are evil
    bastards for suppressing Time Cube, and
    deserve 'tar & feathers' by betrayed students.
    I will give $10,000.00 to 1st education
    institution or to the 1st professor who can
    disprove 4-Day Time Cube. Evil professors
    ignore this as a challenge would indict them.
    The 4 corner quadrant Earth has 4-24 hour simultaneous Days within a single rotation of Earth, as if 4 different Worlds with 4 separate Days and 4 separate races with 4 stages each.
    Bible's and science's 1-day
    Earth rotation are evil scams.

    Not 1 educator on Earth has objected to
    being called a stupid and evil bastard
    for not teaching Time Cube. They know
    that it's Truth and would expose them evil.
    Students have no Truth to
    think with, they accept any
    crap they are told to think.
    You are enslaved by word,
    as if domesticated animal.
    A school or educator who does not teach
    students the Harmonic Simultaneous 4
    Day Time Cube Principle, is a death threat
    to youth, therefore stupid and evil -
    begetting stupid students. How can you
    trust stupid professors who lie to you?
    Can't lose the $10,000.00, they cowardly
    ignore me. Stupid professors threaten
    Nature and civilization with word lies.
    I think Cubic, I am wisest. You think self,
    you are evil.   Your Professors are stupid
     evil Liars,  and fear the Time Cube Truth.
     Cubicism bans monodeity. Integration is a
    racial slop, destroying all of the races. What
    is more racist than NAACP?   Can there be
    a NAAWP, NAAAP and  a NAAIP for the
    white, the asian and indian people?  Why
    not integrate NAACP?  What is racist and unracist?  Linear Time is an 'evil lie'.
    How long will it take the educated to destroy Nature?
      Destroying Nature equates destroying future children,
    for Nature constitutes the reservoir for human spirit.
    Ever notice how Nature returns when humans leave?
    One day, vines will cover New York like Aztec ruins.
        Academic scientists created over 77,000 tons of atomic
     waste and more everyday - for your children's future.
     You educated stupid bastards are unworthy of Earth.
    Invented word god and the stupid scientists recognize only a 1-day Earth rotation.
     I demonstrated an absolute irrefutable
    proof of 4 days simultaneously in a single
    rotation of the 4 corner Earth sphere.
     RPI incurrs a Cubic curse, evil for ignoring
    Time Cube.  RPI professors will eat dung
    before they allow students to debate Time
    Cube Life, as free speech suppression.
        Students must stop such evil, or perish.
    NO Time Cube research by evil academic bastards.  Students are taught stupidity -
     denying free speech rights to debate the
    Truth Cube.  Is your university so evil -
     as to suppress Time Cube? Students are
    really stupid, without Cubic life wisdom,
    and yellow belly cowards. Only MIT was courageous.  Time Cube is TOE theory.
    Time is CUBIC, not linear as stupid
    and evil educators teach children.
    See MIT Time Cube Video.
    Video no longer on MIT site.
     Academia is mind control
      and a perfect enslavement
    for the masses of humans.
     Word is evil empowerment,
      separating man from nature.
    Humans are not godly, their
    4 corner stage metamorphic
    seasons proves them Cubic.
    They're just educated stupid.
    Man isn't a steward of life's
    nature, the bastard plunders
    it like killing future children,
      for they die without nature.
    Educators are actually evil
     for refusing to teach students
      Nature's 4 World Time Cube.
      It is up to the youth to force
       educators teach Time Cube,
      or inherit the barren Earth.
    Children having babies is evil
     & welfare for such evil is evil.
     Overpopulation is Time Bomb.
     Word is not Real nor Truth,
      but deadly virus of humanity,
    transmitted through language.
    Teach Time Cube, You Fools.
     Educators Teach Their Students To Act Evil,
      but the students are really too dumb to know.
    MIT students depict great courage to debate
       the Time Cube where academia fears to tread.
     Are all other schools too evil to follow MIT?
    Time Cube Debate at MIT.
    Time Cube Disproves Gods.
    Ignoring Time Cube is Evil.
    Educators ignore Cube Life
      and they create evil students.

    Humans are the only educated stupid
    animal and too dumb to even know it.
    Interracial marriage is stupid and evil
    for it creates a child not of either race,
    betraying the child and both the races.
    Educators don't know black from white.

    YOU are the lowest form.
      YOU can't procreate alone.
    YOU destroyed the village.
    YOU destroyed the family.
    YOU destroyed childhood.
    YOU destroyed naturalism.
    YOU don't know the Truth.
    YOU pitiful mindless fools,
    YOU are educated stupid.
      YOU worship cubeless word.
    YOU are your own poison.
    YOU create your own hell.
     YOU must seek Time Cube.
    1 day god vs 4 day Cubic.
    I know 4 different simultaneous Worlds,
    with their own separate 24 hour days,
    the ingredients existed, but I created a 4-
    World recipe.  1 god day belief is stupidity.
    I am the wisest human and offer $1,000.00
    to the 1st to disprove my wisdom claim
     above the educated stupid. I lectured and
    debated at MIT, and have 2 hour video
    proof. You are but mindless dumb asses.

    Media suppresses the Truth
    and are evil lying bastards,
    fit for profits, not morality.

    Adults who believe in a fictitious Santa god have the
    mentality level of a child who believes in Santa Claus,
    brainwashed and indoctrinated from birth to death.

    No media dares debate me. Media people
    are evil liars. Time Cube ads not allowed.
    Media will not deny this as denial would
    force debate - and they would be exposed.
     Media power is by ignoring Truth presented against it. The public must attack the evil
    media or perish by lies. Evil media erroneous
    linear Time deadly to family Cube. Media
    will eat dung before a Time Cube ad is
    allowed to be published to inform the public
    of a Cubic creation. The media scams the
    public because the public is stupid via
    academic brainwashing. All media is evil
    as they will not inform the public of the
    'Cubic principle of creation', nor...allow a
    Time Cube ad. Media bastards betray life
    on Earth & ravages childhood. Chase the
    media liars from town, or be destroyed.
    I demonstrate absolute proof
    Time is Cubic and not linear.
    Stupid educators ignore this,
    and teach students stupidity.
    Time Cube empowers wisdom above all gods
    and educators. I am the wisest human of all,
    for I have absolute proof of 4 simultaneous
    24 hour days in a single rotation of the Earth.
    God is 1-day, Science is 1 day. My 4 days
    disproves 1 day god and evil lying 1-day
    educators. Students are dumb and stupid
    for ignorance of Time Cube. Cubeless word
    allows the evil to rule and the liars to teach.
    You've ignored the Time Cube and you shall
    suffer its curse, as did all the past civilizations.
    Prepare for a hell you created and deserve.

    The 4 quadrant corners of the
    Earth sphere rotate as a quad
    spiraling helix - thus creating
    4 simultaneous days per each
    rotation and 4 simultaneous
    years per 1 orbit around Sun.
    Greenwich day is of stupidity.
    Academia and religion are as
    entities which transgress upon
    the Cubic values of life unity.
    Human god has quarter value
     as 1 human has 1-corner face.
    Educators are teaching doom.
    I  charge  academia, religion,
    media and government with a
    criminal act  of  collusion and
    conspiracy   against   children.
    USA on a path to cannibalism.
    I plan to sue academic institutions for multi-
    millions of dollars for their endangering the
    lives of children through brainwashing and
    indoctrination stupidity. I am seeking sharp
    attorney interested in a case that transcends
    the excitement of the Scopes Monkey Trial.
    Academia empowers stupidity,
    indicting educators criminal.
    Students must free their brain
    and organize as a power force
    to stop the plunder of Nature
     byword corrupted professors.

    Just as the clock face has 4 quarter corners,
    an Earth hemisphere has 4 quadrant corners.
    Those 4 different corners equate to 4 different
      Worlds, with each having its own separate day,
      own separate year and a separate human race.

    If only the dead people who god did not save,
    could return and give their opinion of a god.

    Every academic professor and
    teacher ignorant of the Time
    Cube  Principle, is stupid,  evil
    and unworthy of life on Earth,
     for they lead humanity down a
     path ending with cannibalism.
    Don't accept cubeless education
    that leads to apocalyptic doom,
     as it has led all past civilizations.

    Good news about the MIT lecture and the
    debate with Harvard and MIT representatives.
    The packed house of 500 could not have been
    better and they treated me as though I was
    Einstein. But we all know that Einstein was
    ignorant about the Time Cube. Stay tuned
    for coming video of the lecture and debate.
    God never appeared nor did any professors.
    Good thing, for if they had acknowledge the
    Time Cube and collected the $500.00 offer,
    they would have been fired. Students should
    demand  that  the  Time Cube principle  be
    taught, for humans are unworthy of life on
    Earth without its power of ineffable Truth.

    Word evil is fiction worship.
    Revelations for Omnific and
     Infinite Time Cube Creation,
    that equates ineffable Truth
      and the 'lost principle' of life.
     Cube unity voids 1 god entity.
    4-corners void 1-corner god.
     I bet you can't handle Truth.

    MIT is a religious institution.
    Only word makes you godly.
    Without word what are you?
    Without bible, where is god?
      Words are counterfeit values
      and languages mere fiction -
      destroying every civilization. 
      Earth composed of 4 Worlds.
      1 corner human knows but 1.
     Self is below the family form
    of 4-corner metamorphosis.
    1 human  equates  1 corner.
    Family is the creation body.
     Village is the perpetual body.
    Humans bartered their mind
       to the SELF in their likeness.
    Time Cube is the T.O.E.
    Theoretical physic's Superstring Theory of the
    4 fundamental forces exists within Time Cube.
    Time Cube is T.O.E. or Theory of Everything.
    It is the Theory of the Universe.  It is the Holy
    Grail of Physics.  It is the Ultimate Theory.  It
    is the Unified Field Theory.  It is the Theory
    to End all Theories - and is a totally different
     principle from theoretical physicists thinking.
    Academic ignorance of Time Cube dooms life.
    (past lecture)
    Time Cube lecture at MIT on
    January 30, 2002, from 3 pm
       to 5 pm in Lecture Hall 10-250.
      Lecture for  MIT  people only.
      See at
      Remember "U.S.S. Liberty",
    where Jews slaughter American sailors.
    How many whites died while
    freeing blacks from slavery?
      Do blacks honor those whites?
    Blacks did not free the slaves.
    Ought not free slaves escape,
    or is a slavery cry enriching?
    Blacks are enslaving whites -
     and will soon extract revenge.
     Black children suffer from the
    cost caused by black lawsuits.
    USA was a redskin nation and
    is now a whiteskin nation.   It
     will become a blackskin nation
    and then an asianskin nation.
     There are 4 Worlds for 4 races,
    but only 1 World is racial slop.
    A 'Big Bang' for Academia.
    A 1 day Earth = 1 leg horse.
    A 4 day Earth = 4 leg horse.
    4 quadrants resemble circle,
    but doesn't constitute circle.
    Earth more Cubic than orb.
    I am wiser than all gods and
    scientists, for  I have created
    4 simultaneous Worlds with
    4 simultaneous days within a
    single rotation of Earth and
    have created 4 simultaneous
    years in a single orbit of the
    Earth around the Sun and I
    have created 4 corner stages
    of 'human metamorphosis'.

    Humans are educated stupid
    because they are really dumb
    and cannot even comprehend
    the Time Cube creation code
    when it is explained to them.
    Word enslaves human mind
    more efficiently than shackle.
    Word is unnatural and must
    be taught to enslave dummies.
    Languages have deadly virus
    that will destroy the educated.

    Time Cube's ineffable Truth.
    'Cubeless Word' is not Truth.
     Word justifies all human evil.
      Time Cube is a test for Truth.
      Circle measure is slop bucket.
    God belief 50% god disbelief.
    Truth is 100%, belief is 50%.
    Time Cube is Truth creation.

    There is 'absolute proof' that
    You are personified pyramid.

    Creation is a Cubic Princple,
    & you are too dumb to know.
    To ignore it, indicts you evil.
     God lets little children starve,
       so no adults are worth saving.

    School is Church is School.

    Think of the Time Cube as a 4-corner class-
    room  representing  the 4-corners of  Earth,
    wherein, stupid educators teach  erroneous
    1-corner self aggrandizing singularity - that
    equates a deadly poison to Cubic humanity.

    Academia buildsword bomb,
    kinda like old  Trojan Horse
    filled with deadly deception.
    4 corner quadrants compose Earth sphere,
    as 4corner room with 4corner dimensions,
    with 4corner perspectives and the 4seasons.
    Earth's 4corners rotate 4corners of TIME,
    creating 4simultaneous day Earth rotation,
    as if 4 different Worlds with their own day,
    for 4separate races with 4corner life stages,
    with outer limits of 4x4 great-grandparents.

    Human is 1 corner character
    of a 4-corner metamorphosis.
    Cubic Power contradicts god.
     Earth life is heaven and hell.
     Self is lowest humanity form.
    Humans born of 2 opposites,
    femininity  and  masculinity,
     to a 4-corner metamorphosis:
    baby, child, parent, gd.parent.
    God concept is human doom.
     Family Cube is creation body.
    Village equates highest order.
     Teach god singularity  &  you
     teach evil to Cubic humanity.
     Evil people ignore TimeCube.
    Word is fraught with evil,  as
    in a virus among languages.
    Time Cube corners word god.
    Cubic Time  transcends gods.
    Cowards fear the Time Cube.

    Compare plan 'A' god with a
     plan 'B' Time Cube creation
    and discover plan 'A' is a lie.
    You've been educated stupid
    and are  too dumb to know it,
    or maybe just too evil to care.
    Ignoranceof the  Time Cube
    is a "curse" upon  humanity.
    Minds must see a Time Cube,
    that eyes cannot comprehend.
    Word is counterfeit & fiction.
    People can live without word,
    and cubeless word is a poison
    that destroys all civilizations.
    Truth in Word is Cubic math.
    No 'Truth in Word' is taught.
      Read about "Easter Island End".


    There are 4 different Worlds
    on Earth. Yours is 1 of them.
    You're ignorant of 3 of them.
    Such ignorance is damnable.
    You are educated stupid and
    can't compute a Time Cube.
    You are unworthy of Earth
    life and deserve banishment
    to a barren planet - more fit
     for your antiNature life style.

    Are you aware that the MIT
    Educators were as criminals
    for banning student right to
     debate Nature's Time Cube?
    Ignoring Time Cube is evil.
    Time Cube is highest order
     of life, a "Cubic Creation".
    MIT has become the first
    academic institution on the
    Earth to sponsor Harmonic
    Time Cube lecture / debate.
    I am wiser than any god or
    scientist, for I have squared
    the circle and cubed Earth's
    sphere,  thus I have created
    4 simultaneous separate 24
    hour days within a 4-corner
    (as in a 4-corner classroom)
    rotation of Earth.    See for
    yourself the absolute proof.
    Wise people call me a genius.  Stupid and evil people call me crazy.
    My character is really determined by the mentality of the viewer. I
    would be more inclined to think that a jackass would kick me than
     to understand the wisdom of the Time Cube.  Same with educated.

    Think Cubic Creation or Life
    on Earth will perish from it.
    Education stupefies humans.
     Cubelessness is a human evil,
     negating human right to live.

    Education corrupts your rationale to know. Students suspended for viewing Time Cube.
    Test free speech right to debate Time Cube.
       This site may be hazardous to your stupidity.

    The Time Cube is not a theory, but is a Cubic Creation
    Principle by which flora, fauna and even humanity exists
    right before your eyes. Think of Nature's Harmonic 4x4
    rotation Time Cube as a 4-corner rationalism classroom,
    in which the stupid revelationist educators brainwash and
    indoctrinate stupid irrational students with only 1-corner
    empirical self destructive fictitious knowledge singularity.
    MIT, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
    has invited me as a guest lecturer to inform
      them about Nature's Time Cube, in January.

    No student on Earth is al-
    lowed to know Time Cube -
    which disproves god scams.
    That is criminal academia.
    Christianity based upon evil
    1-corner self aggrandizing
    which dooms 4-corner life.
    Challenge stupid teachers
    and their 'Obscurantism'
    (deliberately withheld knowledge).

    Cube proves you are Stupid.
    Academic Word is Cubeless.
    Cubeless Word Dooms USA.
    Time Cube is Omnific Order.
    Cowards ignore Time Cube.

    There is no entity on Earth,
    for all of creation is Cubic -
     with a top and bottom with
    front and back and 2 sides.

    You are educated stupid as
    teachers lack intelligence.
    Truth is Cubic.
    Time is Cubic...
    Life is Cubic....
    Form is Cubic..
       Family is Cubic..
       Village is Cubic..
      Evil is cubeless.
    Self is cubeless.
    God is cubeless.
    Language is a human invention
    of an evil cubeless singularity.
    You only know what you know
    from your mental brainwashing
    and word indoctrination since
    your birth. It is imperative that
    that you know what you don't
    know, but what you know, will
    not allow you to know what you
    don't know. The God words you
    know, will not allow you to know
     TIME CUBE's Highest Life Order.

                                        Gene Ray

    Ignoring Time Cube is Evil.

    Earth rotates within a Time Cube.
    Demand educators debate Time Cube.
    You are not allowed to know truth - that
    in one rotation of Earth, there are:

    * 24 hours in midnight to midnight.
    * 24 hours in sunup to sunup...........
    * 24 hours in midday to midday.....
     * 24 hours in sundown to sundown.
    * 4 days in only 1 Earth rotation...
        * 4 simultaneous years of the seasons.
      * No infinite days within 96 hours.
       * 4 different directions in clockwise.
       * 3 days lost to academic stupidity.

    There are 4  simultaneous days
    (dumb fools claim infinite days)
    created within a single rotation
    of Earth. Teaching that Earth has
    only 1 day in 1 rotation, is adult
    poison forced on their children,
        as in the Jonestown mass murder.
       Cubeless academia = armageddon
    and a barren Earth for children.

    Ignoring Time Cube is Evil.

    It is best to be uneducated and
    Wise, than educated with Lies.

    You are an educated stupid ass.
    Word is counterfeit & fictitious
    representations of true values,
    as in form, substance and deed.
    Adult word god is a counterfeit
     and fictitious evil upon children.
    Teachers are hired evil word
    pedants who enslave childish
    minds to a lifetime stupidity.
    The common stupidity and evil of humanity,
     is their "ignorance" of Nature's Time Cube.
    A school is a church and church is a school.
    I am writing a "Time Cube " book that will
    contradict and condemn every religious and
    scientific book written and why not, for I am
     the Greatest Thinker and the Wisest Human.
    Dumb academicians cannot
    comprehend their slavery to
    counterfeit word and its evil.
    Word enslaves mind. Talking
    dog could enslave humanity.
    Teachers enslave you stupid.

    Demand your teachers teach
    Time Cube and encourage
    debate or you are mentally
    enslaved as stupid and evil
    ass unfit for life on Earth.
    Can majority sue minority -
    or is it but a one-way court?
    Are Indians minorities, and
    why are they  incarcerated?
    Is Indian segregation legal?
    Can an Indian be president?
    Where are Indian newscasters?
    Isn't integration racial slop?
    Will US become black nation?
    Education equates stupidity
     and educators ban Life Cube.
    Truth Cube debunks 1 corner
    word god in a Cubic creation.
    Academia  is  Big Brother's
    Ministry of Obscurantism, as
    in deliberately withholding
    knowledge from the mass of
    human blockhead androids.
    Academic denial of student
    right to debate Time Cube
    exposes an evil conspiracy.
    Cubes are varied and imperfect
    as are their human composites.
    Humans are educated stupid -
    and revel within their stupidity.
    Humans are enslaved by word,
    the most efficient mind control.
    Shackles & whips are obsolete.
    Warning To Word Worshipers.

    Just as Word viruses are destructive in human
    made computers, there is a deadly Word virus
    spreading within the English Language. Unless
    isolated and eradicated by your knowledge of
    Nature's Harmonic Time Cube, the deadly Word
    virus will inflict total self-destruction upon all humanity.Your ignorance of Time Cube is evil.

    Time Cube is above academic comprehension.
    Universities equate doomed Towers of Babble.
    Time Cube debate will expose academic scams,
    so academia must "ignore" debate at all costs.
    Students denied the right to debate Time Cube.
    Educators are evil to deny Time Cube debate.
    Academic ignoring of Time Cube equates evil.
    Word worship educators beget stupid students.
    Students are brainwashed and do not know it.
    Students are taught to be stupid and don't care.
    Word is the most effective tool of enslavement.
    Stupid students believe any crap they're taught.
    Stupid students unable to evaluate Time Cube.
    Students ignore Time Cube, attack messenger.

    Gene Ray has created 4 simultaneous 24 hour
    Days within a single 24 hour Earth rotation.
    $1,000.00 to 1st person to disprove Time Cube.
    Scientists and gods created evil 1 corner Day.
    Education corrupts your mentality to know this.
    Evil educators outlaw student Time Cube debate.
    Gene is The Greatest Thinker and Wisest Human.

    Earth has perfect vertical axis:
    The Earth axis tilt represents an inperfection
    upon which life is based.  If the Earth axis was perfectly vertical,  there would be no divisions
    of life as in seasons and therefore no life. Earth
    rotates 4 simultaneous seasons simultaneously
    as it revolves around the Sun, thus creating 4
    simultaneous years as in a separate year for
    each season. The spinning of Earth while
    creating the 4 simultaneous years causes the
    Earth to travel 4 Times the distance of a non-
    rotating planet circling the Sun.  Sum-up the
    axis tilt of those 4 simultaneous years and
    divide by 4 to discover a perfectly vertical
    Earth axis which represents the perfection of
    death. Though you only see the Earth tilt,
    mentally, you should recognize that Earth
    has a perfectly vertical axis over all. The
    straight line on the heart monitor equates
    to the perfectionof death. The oscillation or
    imperfection of that straight line, represents
         the imperfection of all created life on Earth -
       depicted in Nature's Harmonic Time Cube.
    Without Time Cube, your life right is voided.

    You were educated stupid
    and evil by evil educators.
    Do you enjoy being stupid?
    Time Cube ignorance is evil.
    Demand Time Cube debate
    in all academic institutions.
    You do not have the "guts"
    to seek Time Cube "Truth".
    Academia is a religious cult
    empowerment of self word.
    Academic word 'rots'brain.
    Can you explain Time Cube?
    If not, your brain has rotted.
    Educators are  evil bastards
    who fear Time Cube debate.
    Evil men ignoreTime Cube.
    Teachers ignore Time Cube.
    Teachers deserve a hanging.
    My name is Gene Ray. Not
    even a god can deny that I
    have squared the circle of a
    static Earth and cubed the
    Earth sphere by rotating it
    once to a dynamic Time or
    Life Cube. Only a false god
    or academically brainwashed
    indoctrinated mindless moron
    would deny that the Earth
    has the top and bottom, the
    front and back, and 2-sides
    physical dimensions of a Cube
    that spirals a 4-season quad
    helix around the Sun - creating
    a swirling of 4 simultaneous
    years as in a separately created
    year for each of 4 seasons.
    Man is the only evil animal.
    Man is the only word animal.
    Word equates instituted evil.
    Word adultism is anti-child.
    A 'word god'can be erased.
    Word brings a Babel curse.
    Get ready for armageddon.
    Beliefs equate pornography,
    for they coexiston the web.
    There is no damn word god.
    Truth is physical, word a lie.
    It is what you do,  not utter.
    Without deed, word starves.
    Word god lends not a hand.

     The Greatest Thinker

    Adults are EVILto children.
    God is a word masturbation.
    A fart has more "substance"
    than a human emitted word.
    Word and god are unnatural,
    counterfeit, fictitious and do
    not exist in Nature's realm.
    Cubeless WORD  - is an evil
    'adult scam' against children
    and is destroying humanity.
    Schools are evil institutions -
    staffed by religious cowards
    who fear Time Cube debate.
    TimeCube  proves god is evil.
    TimeCube debunks evil bible.
    Burn bible to save humanity.
    You're a TimeCube traveler,
    but you are educated stupid.
    Your Character is cornered,
    4-corner head, 1-corner face,
    4-corner life metamorphosis.
    Family is a 4-corner rotation,
    mother, father, son, daughter.
    Life rotation debunks Trinity.
    Academic cubelessness is evil.
    Schools are actually churches.
    Education is but mind control,
    no whips or shackles required.
    Education  'plunders' Nature.
    Prequisite to comprehending
    Nature's Harmonic TimeCube
    is tearing & burning the bible
    to purge your mind of its lies.
    For true freedom,  burn bible
    to contradict academic gods.
    Academia & religion are one.
    Teachers & believers are one.
    Word educator is "your god".
    Educators teach fake beliefs.
    God is an academic deception.
    God is like hate for children.
    God is but a killer of children.
    Bible causes an armageddon.
    I am wiser than a word god.
    Adult word godis but an evil
    scam that crucifies  children.
    Bring forth your god - and I
    will chase him off the Earth.
    Humans glorify word as god.
    In the beginning - was word.
    Word is counterfeit and evil.
    Evil word  became your god.
    4-corner Truth - is ineffable.
    Educators teach stupidity &
    evil.  You learned both well.
    You are evil word worshiper.
    Humans are 1-corner beings
    (1-corner face 4-corner head)
    who rotate 4-corner lifetimes:
    baby, child, parent, g-parent.
    Time Cube debunks god lies.
    Evil people deny Time Cube.
    Educators are flat-out liars.
    Evil media hides Time Cube.
    -1 x -1=+1 is stupid and evil.
    Word worship equates to evil.
    Bible induces a barren Earth.
    Evil 1 day Biblekills children.
    I have found 3 more 24 hour
    days on Earth that educators
    refuse to let you know about.
    Brainwashed & indoctrinated,
    you were educated stupid and
    evil. A pity about your mind.
    Time Cube = Highest Order.
    Time Cube = 'godless Truth'.
    Time Cube damns academia
    by rotating 4-corners of life.
    The 'only subject' on Earth
    banned from debate by evil
    and stupid educators is that
    of Nature's Harmonic Time
    Cube ineffable Truth.  Any
    educator who allows Time
    Cube debate will most likely
    be fired or killed by religious
    zealot brethren who staff and
    control all academic schools.
    Name 1 Time Cube debating
    school on all of the Earth.
    Educators are evil hirelings.
    Mother&baby are same age.
    No mother until baby born.
    Your ancestory limit is 16 ...
    your 16 great-grandparents.
    Divide past,present,future by 4.
    Rotate 4-corner scribes to
    create 4 squared circles.
    Education is 1 stupid corner.
    4 is the supreme number of
    the universe.  There is no 1
    in 4-corner metamorphosis.
    Educators are evil people -
    for they teach cubelessness.
    All word is 'fictitious evil' -
    not a substance nor a deed.
    Life is based upon a perfect
    math or your arm would be
    too short to wipe your butt.
    Humans are fictitious word
    worshipers & math stupid.
    Human exist as personified
    4-corner pyramid but with
    only a 1-corner perspective
    during a 4-corner rotation,
    or 4- stage metamorphosis.
    Truth squares Life Circle
    and Cubes Earth sphere.
    Life rotates via 4-corners.
    Mensa is Truth ignorant.
    Adults evolve from child,
    for adults are never born.
    Word worship is evil scam.
    God desecrates childhood.
    You were educated stupid
    about 4-season Life Cube.
    4-corners are simultaneous,
    there is no 1, 2, or 3-corner.
    4 is both macro and micro.
    God can't occupy 4-corners.
    Time Cube disproves God.
    God is an evil adult "word
    scam" against children that
    justifies adult plunder of all
    natural resources on Earth.
    Educators are evil bastards.
    You have a 4-corner head -
    with  only a 1-corner face.
    You are 1/4 of the person you
     were taught to think you are.
    Academic and religious
    teachings equate mental
    retardation - as a 2x4x4
    Cube creation principle
    reduced to a 1/4 (corner).
    You are educated retarded,
    too stupid for Time Cube.
    'Takes village to raise child'.
    Educators are evil people;
    words corrupt principles,
    'takes child out of family'&
    'takes village out of child' -
    'empowerment of self-evil'.
    There is no God in 2 x 4x4
    femininity and masculinity
    2 sex Cube hemispheres, as
    life is a 2-Cube crap-game.
    All words equal not 1 deed.
    Try words to stop tornado.
    Truth of Cube is ineffable.
    Nature outlaws word gods.
    Cubeless word is adult evil.
    Word enslaves the children.
    You were educated 'stupid'
    by evil religious teachers,
     and can't know Time Cube.
    'Cube Spirit' is Almighty.
    Educators  are  too damn
    stupid to know 4/16 Cube.
    There is no Cubic teacher.
    Educators are the primary
    cause of evil mathematics.
    God is but a single corner
     face  on  a 4-corner head.
    Fire Religious Teachers
    too stupid for 4/16 Life.
    You're 1-corner educated
    and cannot comprehend
    4/16 corner rotating Life.
    You were taught stupidity.
    Time Cube exposes evil.
    Cubelessness is an Evil.
    Educators are teaching
    you Evil Cubelessness.
    Educators cannot allow
    Time Cube to be known.
    Academia is '1 corner'.
    Religion but '1 corner'.
    1 self is only '1 corner'.
    Family has '4-corners'
    and 4/16 cube rotation.
    God is a '1 corner' evil.
    Self-god is 1 cornerism
    adult scam upon child.
    Teach 3 equators for a
    4 quadrant hemisphere
    which rotates to a 4/16
    principle life creativity
    as in Family Life Cube.

    God = Hate of Children.
    God denies a childhood.
    Worship of Word is Evil,
    for it 'counterfeits' Deed
    and teaches Liar is God.

    You're Educated Stupid.
    1 Corner Academic 'self'
    is "lowest" human form. It
    "degradates"4/16 family life
    and destroys all villages.

    1-human is but 1-corner
    life in 4-corner lifetimes:
    baby, child, parent and
    grandparent corners ...
    a rotating 4/16 creation.
    Corner god nonexistent.
    Academia is a religion
    with religious teachers
    controlled by believers,
    who forbid 4/16 Cube
    as "Forbidden Truth".
    Adults evolve from their
    ungodly imagechildren.
    Fake god eats Child life.
    Educators teach cubeless
    babble, ignoring Highest
    Order Creation- a Cube.
    Fire Religious Teachers
    ignorant of Time Cube.

    Believers are 'evil liars'.
    'Self-god' is lowest form
    of behavior,  below both
    family and village Cube.
    You are educated stupid.

    Man-god academic scam
    equals 1-corner Pyramid.
    Rotating 4-corners prove
    1-human is only 1-corner
    of a Higher Order Life. There is no 1-
    corner god in 4-corner lifetime stages
    of human evolution metamorphosis ...
    wherein born baby dies to child, child
    dies to parent & parent dies to grand-
    parent corner. Adults evolve, not born.
    Singularity equates sex with the baby.
    Adult word worship is an
    evil adult scam. Burn the
    bible,  honor Childhood
    via which adults evolve.
    Babble Power is suicidal.

    Ignorance of "Time Cube"
    indicts you stupid and evil.
    Explain the "Time Cube".
    Do you like being Stupid?
    "Our Cube" corners Liars.

    I am a'Cubic Thinker' and
    far wiser than any god, any scientist
    and any educator who preaches the
    evil singularity of a single 1st corner.

                                                              Gene Ray

    Truth about Santa Claus debunks
    Santa God. God evolves from Santa.
    Educated people are stupid cowards.

    Not a single university has accepted my challenge
    for a public debate of Nature's Time Cube. They
    are actually brainwashed stupid and decline any
    public debate for fear of public embarrassment.
    Physicists forbidden to acknowledge Time Cube.
    Stupid educators always beget stupid graduates.
    Not one knows of their 4-corner metamorphosis.

                                                      Gene Ray

    Educators teach erroneous Mathematics.

    3-Dimensional math as in length, width and height
    are erroneous when applied within a Cube like room
    for they do not account for the 4-corner perspective
    dimensions of difference as in '4-dimensional space'.
    Solar system, Earth sphere and human body all have
    a front, back and 2 sides which rotate between the 2
    top and bottom poles - ceiling and floor parameters.

    No single corner human can occupy or experience
    more than a single corner at the same time during a
    4-corner rotation within the 4/16 creation principle.
    Earth sphere rotates within an invisible Time Cube.
    Unseen, humans have not the education or rationale
    to comprehend Nature's Simultaneous 4-Day Cube.

    You are a personified pyramid corner.
    Educated people are the evil empower-
    ment of the self  - the lowest form of
    humanity. Humans are brainwashed
    stupid and indoctrinated evil. A human
    will rotate around 4-corner lifetime
    stages within a family metamorphosis -
    baby, child, parent and grandparent.
    Name your 4/16 greatgrandparents.
    Your own people will kill
    you to prevent this
    'Forbidden Truth Cube'
    from ever being known.
    Socrates was killed to
    hide Truth from public.
    1-corner god is a fraud.
    Are you afraid to know?  All Educated are Stupid from
    brainwashing and indoctrination.
    Pedant teachers cannot comprehend
    that there are 4 simultaneousYears
    within a single rotation of Earth
    about the Sun. Each season has its
    own separate corner Year.

    You are probably brainwashed, indoctrinated, educated stupid and cannot comprehend
    Nature's Harmonic Simultaneous 4-Day
    Perpetual Time Cube Creation.

    When the Sun shines upon Earth,
    2 - major Time points are created
    on opposite sides of Earth - known
    as Midday and Midnight.   Where
    the 2 major Time forces join, synergy
    creates 2 new minorTime points we
    recognize as Sunup and Sundown.

    The 4-equidistant Time points can be
    considered as Time Square imprinted
    upon the circle of Earth. In a single
    rotation of the Earth sphere, each
    Time corner point rotates through
    the other 3-corner Time points, thus
    creating 16 corners, 96 hours and
    4-simultaneous 24 hour Days within
    a single rotation of Earth - equated
    to a Higher Order of Life Time Cube.
    Ignorance of the Time Cube is evil.

    Education induces Stupidity. Explain
    4 life human metamorphosis.

    Creation Origin Found
    Life is a "Crapshoot" -
    with a femininity cube
    and a masculinity cube.

     God is an Evil Invention.

    Word is a Trojan Horse.
    Singularity debunked by Time Cube.
    Self is the  lowest form of humanity.
    Self-god  is  lowest  human behavior.
    Family is  source of  human creation.
    Community is  perpetual family/self.
    'Evil' educators brainwash children.

    Earth has 4 simultaneous Days
    within only 1 rotation. Losing 3
    Days in each Earth rotation has
    retarded your mentality to stupid
    and an education of Evil. You do
    not have the mind or education
    to envision Nature's Time Cube.

      Proving Human Stupidity

    Revelations 7.1 recognizes 4 Earth Corners.






           You Word-Murder Your Children.

         Human metamorphosis has 4-corner
         lifetime stages known as baby,child,
         parent and grandparent. Bible-god
         equates 1-corner and bare Earth for
         children. 4-corner Truth is ineffable
         and no self or god can speak Truth.
         Only baby is born.Adult is not born.
        Without metamorphosis - no adults.

    If Earth stood still, it would have mid-day, mid-night, sun-up and sun-down as 4 corners. Each rotation of earth has 4 mid-days, 4 mid-nights, 4 sun-ups and 4 sun-downs.

    The sixteen(16) space times demonstrates cube proof of 4 full days simultaneously on earth within one (1) rotation. The academia created 1 day greenwich time is bastardly queer and dooms future youth and nature to a hell.

    Ignorance of 4 day harmonic cubic nature indicts humans as unfit to live on earth.

    Gene Ray, Cubic


The Wisest Human

       I will give $1,000.00 to any person who can
    disprove 4 days in each earth rotation.  It's
     a pity that religious and academic word is a
     crime against Nature and enslaves Children.
    4-cornered Truth is ineffable by man or god.
    Until Word is Cornered, all Math is Fiction.